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söndag 8 april 2018


Artist: Axis of Advance
Released: 2004-09-14
Style: Black Metal | Death Metal
Runtime: 37:33

From the ashes of the impressive and crushing band 'Sacramentary Abolishment' comes an even more brutal incarnation of speed, fury and musical vengeance personified.  To set shit straight this is probably one of the most crushing death/grind/war metal releases to ever be released and its coming out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

Taking the best parts of their previous band Sacramentary Abolishment but transforming their style into a more grind/war metal style with less emphasis on traditional black metal vocals and sound. Members have also been involved in such groups as Revenge, Conqueror, Black Witchery and Arkhon Infaustus.

Axis of Advance disbanded in 2007, but during their activity they released three full length albums and a couple of EP's.  Obey is probably the culmination of the band stripped down to the bare minimum of simple yet intricate pounding insanity.  The band obviously made an impression by getting signed to cult label Osmose Productions who have released the likes of Immortal, Driller Killer and Impaled Nazarene.

The drumming on this one is some of the craziest ever, the time changes, the speed, the breakdowns and compositions, not just standard blast beating.  Right from the intro of the song From One To Conflict it the machine gun drumming evokes a very military/war feel which I'm assuming the band is going for.  Most of the tracks are at break neck speed but drummer James Read who beyond demolishes the kit gets time to breath on a couple tracks like Wrath Pounding and Cube Of Odium but not for long as it's not time to stop and smell the roses but time to stamp all over them with hatred and fury.

>In my opinion this is the bands culmination of absolute and utter brutality. The vocals are unique as we get dual attacks but they are never extremely guttural like brutal death or grindgore or are they extremely high pitched like traditional black metal fare, they share a happy medium.  I just love the controlled chaos on this release, it seems like it can be so all over the place but everything is put together in a tight unpredictable fashion which flows together nicely. For a three piece Axis Of Advance school all challengers with a fierce sound that is unmatched.

Obey is the way to do War infused speed/grind metal right and any self respecting fan needs to have this in their collection.  They might even be a band you've never heard of but you've heard the name associated with other groups.  These guys are the real deal and destroy corpse paint wearing posers in a hundred yard radius.  Check out their other releases as well such as Strike, The List or the EP's Landline and Purify as they are equally as impressive.


Wör - Vocals, Guitars
Vermin - Vocals, Guitars
James Read - Drums

Label: Osmose Productions
Country: Canada



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