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torsdag 12 april 2018


Directed by: Marilyn Manson, David Sardy
Written by: Marilyn Manson
Stars: Marilyn Manson

Country: USA
Style: Short
Runtime: 2:41 min

I don’t really care about Marilyn Manson and I have no clue how this ended up on my radar. Well put together mock autopsy of Marilyn Manson. I’ve seen enough autopsy footage in my time to firmly assert that this was hyper realistic.

The majority of time in this is spent cracking into Manson’s skull and removing his brain as he lays on a metal slab. The footage is almost too polished, but Manson laying dead on the table with his head open and hands digging into it was real enough looking to make up for the footage being too clean. Manson really looked dead. He was stiff and discolored and he just laid there while they were sawing his skull open. It was gnarly.

It was set to a really atmospheric track that reminded me of something that would’ve been in Communion or something. Alien music.

Fun way to spend three minutes.


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