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tisdag 3 april 2018


Directed by: Poison Rouge
Written by: Samuel Marolla
Stars:  Flora Giannattasio, Roberto Scorza

Country: Italy
Style: Extreme
Runtime: 60 min

The reviews are pouring in since Stephen Biro dropped this megaton nuke payload of colossal fucking proportions on an unsuspecting crowd at 'Texas Frightmare'. Biro had been hinting at a special screening of an upcoming film Unearthed was releasing and everyone thought the obvious choice was going to be the third installment in the series 'The Song Of Solomon'. Personally I had no idea about another American Guinea Pig entry titled 'Sacrifice' which literally came out of the woodwork and would be unveiled at that special screening at Texas Frightmare.

It was fun following Stephen Biro's Facebook that night as he posted reactions as the crowd were finding out what the secret movie actually was. As writers scramble to be the first to put up their reviews before anyone else and claim they knew it was Sacrifice all along I wonder and think to myself about the kind of media frenzy Biro has single handedly created on social media and the indie scene with the American Guinea Pig franchise. I mean, this thing is an unstoppable fucking force, a beast to be reckoned with. Even on indie gogo 'The Song Of Solomon' was crushing all of its goals and laying waste in a spectacular and unbridled fashion. Biro is like the Nintendo of the indie film world, releasing a little bit at a time and keeping them thirsty for more, the only difference is Biro actually and eventually delivers (unlike Nintendo).

Sacrifice reared its ugly yet brutally artistic and inspired head out of Italy and is actually part of a series titled 'The Trilogy Of Death' which includes the movies 'Torment' and 'Espiazione'. Producer and film maker Domiziano Cristopharo and I had a couple messenger chats about the films including the upcoming Torment which promises to be an even more brutal excursion into a John Wayne Gacey-like nightmare of gay sex, anal fisting, drugs and torture while breaking through 11 of the 13 censorship points I can only imagine what is in store.

The director of Sacrifice is newcomer female Poison Rouge and this woman quashes with a sledgehammer any misconceptions or even the slightest notion that female directors don't have the raw, visceral and primal chops in extreme film making because she doesn't only kill it, she violently fucks its freshly dead corpse, she then comes backs days latter to fuck the further decaying pile of filth a second time before pouring gasoline on it and setting it ablaze. Rouge also lends her talents to an upcoming film collection titled 'Phobia' with no other immediate plans at this time to direct anything else. Rouge and producer/cinematographer on Sacrifice Domiziano Cristopharo said she was not only inspired by horror collectively but lifted inspiration from some of his films such as 'Red Krokodil' and 'Doll Syndrome' which are as much drama as they are horror.

I'm impressed with this new breed of Italian horror film makers carrying on the tradition of such greats as Fulci and Argento. Putting Italy back on the map for extreme horror and its safe to say Stephen Biro saw this and clenched a hold of it because the man saw something himself that made him say this is the new shit and its going to destroy all notions of everything up this point like the two previous American Guinea Pig entries 'Bouquet Of Guts And Gore' and 'Bloodshock' did. The American Guinea Pig Series is reinventing itself with new and fresh ideas but still staying true to heart with the sickest, most shocking and utterly depraved acts ever created on film, this is the new gore.

Sacrifice is the coming of beautifully shot yet at the same time hard to stomach grotesque and intricate make up effects work which will have you taking a second look to figure out if its real or not. The precision and quality is there in high regard by effects artist Athanasius Pernath. I also understand there were some real sequences of actual penile member violation because some of this shit no matter how high the quality of materials used in modern horror today (and no we're not talking about fucking cgi)you cannot re-create. Everything from the hand knife wound which also serves as a vaginal vessel for oral pleasure to the cringing toe nail removal sequence with the coinciding bite wound effect are all immensely satisfying regards to sheer make-up wizardry which absolutely annihilates meager boundaries.

No doubt Sacrifice is a gore film but fortunately it also digs deeper down into the human psyche with mental illness and even tackles modern issues in today's society by mentioning the manipulation and obsession with social media. We even get mention of current political and social world events so Sacrifice is not trying to go completely out in 'left field' here as an unrelatable entity entirely. Can I personally relate with slowly and agonizingly mutilating myself? No I can't, but can I relate to feeling down and the darker side of life at particular moments in time? yes I can and Sacrifice plays on this but just happens to take it to the next level. How can I get all of this out of a gore film which stars two people in a dimly lit bathroom with one of them desecrating his own flesh? Because you can read into it and get your own notion, its open to interpretation and a great quote I read featured for The Trilogy Of Death is "Life hurts more than Death".

The idea of trepanation is not something entirely new to film, it has been explored before in a number of films including Andrey Iskanov's 'Nails', Stuart Gordon's 'From Beyond' and even Frank Henenlotter's 'Frankenhooker'. It's an ancient technique that involves borrowing a hole in the human skull which is left to naturally heal. Its said that this provides some form of enlightenment or is exposing the minds eye so we can see into another dimension in more sci-fi movie terms.

In sacrifice our tormented individual Daniel (Roberto Scorza) goes on a journey of discovery through pain to rid himself of past torments and the agony of life. Daniel also references a book he keeps with him while going through the different self mutilating rituals which involve mystical forces which evoke beings beyond the flesh. The perverse ceremony is prolonged by Daniel as he tourniquets most of his wounds in a mission to feel a longing need and passion past normal human consumption. The cinematography in this by Domiziano Christopharo is some of the most detailed I have witnessed on work like this. Sacrifice is not some thrown together gore opus for the sake of cheap thrills, its deep as the drill Daniel uses to burrow into his own leg. The close up shots of the rich textured blood dripping, the maggots swimming in decaying flesh and the tunnel of light shining through the skull cavity are beautiful in a sick contorted context used here.

There is so much more to touch on with Sacrifice, even with its short run time, small cast and minimal dialogue it speaks volumes so high that you can't help but sink into a state of gore soaked catatonia. It's extreme content and solid made structure reminds me of such well made shockers as 'A Serbian Film' or the original 'Martyrs' where professionalism and sheer disgust marry and pair so well its a match made in existentialist hell. It leaves an impression on the viewer long after and even while deep in their subconscious it can creep back into their current thoughts and further infest the disease. Behold this sacrifice.

My rating: 5 out of 5


Produced by: Domiziano Cristopharo, Matteo Cassiano
Cinematography by: Domiziano Cristopharo
Editing by: Dimitar Stoev
Special Effects by: Athanasius Pernath
Music by: Alexander Cimini
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorUnearthed Films


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