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fredag 27 april 2018


Artist: Abuse
Released: 2017-05-26
Style: Brutal Death Metal | Grindcore
Runtime: 25:03

All Canadian brutal death metal and grind roads lead to here.  This slab of essential  wife beating madness has been in the works since 2012 and not since Abuse's release in 2001 titled Like A Virgin which was also a Canadian brutal death gem have the band released any material.  I say what a fucking shame but I'm happy to have Nothing Is Safe all the same no matter the long and winding road of a time frame.

Abuse's Like A Virgin skullfucked me into perverted submission, it completely caught me off guard and is some of the finest brutal death/grind to come out of the country in forever.  Their tasteless and misogynistic lyrics bordering on the lowest common denominators of abuse towards women thrive on with Nothing Is Safe and if anything the women this time around are even more of a target.  Just read the linear notes and you can tell these guys just don't give a fuck, the sick sexist anti-feminist humor prevails and lives on to fight on another album.  I think a dream gig would be to have Abused play a live show during a feminist march/rally.

Upon glancing at the album cover you would think these guys are anything but serious and frankly anything but brutal.  We get this Grand Theft Auto looking collage of photos with more emphasis on taking out the female trash.  What lies beneath the front cover reads a bit more fucked as we get a girl sucking on the end of a gun barrel like a dick and then you lift the actual compact disc and boom the gun splattered her head clean off but luckily didn't hurt her tits because they still look great.

The music on this is blistering and from the intro to the opener song appropriately titled Fuck Me Or I'll Kill Us Both we get a little motivational speech from Tom Cruise's character in the movie Magnolia with "Respect The Cock, Tame The Cunt!" Then the fucking hellfire begins to crank out at hand blistering speeds faster than a kid beating off to his uncles porn mags he found under the bed while he is up against the door trying to get the job done before he gets caught.  Gibbeted then kicks in with the most insane blast beat quick tempo and then the groove is poured on with thick bass lines in the track She Never Knew What Hit Her, a song which will go down for me as the catchiest brutal death ditty of 2017.

The lyrical content you would think would be humorous in a sense but I was reading through and its not at all.  Its some sick, serious and demented diatribes describing different rituals of rape and murder all geared towards women or dishing out some hateful vengeance.  The lyrics are quite fascinating and deep, like reading some sexually perverted serial killers memoirs.  Here's a sample:

"Plotting out and buzzing on the details.  Check out my routes so escape fails. Zap straps, blow torch, random whore.  Max out all my cards at the costume store.  I'm gonna kill a fucking whore.  Focus now, the deed at hand.  Fulfill the urge.  My greed and glands.  I've found my target, plans in motion.  And pain is at the end.  Time stops, color drops.  Tonight I decide to dress up like a cop.  I'm smiling but concerned.  Stop her as she walks out of the beauty shop.  I ask her politely if I can see her I.D. She doesn't know she shouldn't trust me at a red light I soak the bitch in bear spray. Choke, gag, pray, beg I give her some gravy, that's so hot baby, I'm so horny."

The drumming on this by Lord Marco who is quite the accomplished drummer is simply fucking spellbinding and wins for my favorite death/grind drum tracks so far for 2017.  This fucker isn't even officially released until May so start saving up your pennies and allowance from Mom and Dad.  I can't write any more so you can fathom how epic this release is.  These guys seem like they don't take this shit seriously but the delivery speaks otherwise.  Join Big Pimp, Lord Marco, Offal, The Worst Person Ever and That Guy for a whirlwind journey straight down the fucking sewer pipe of satan.  One of my favorite releases of the year and many special thanks to Comatose Music, Abuse and Clawhammer PR for getting it into my hands and killing my hearing cells with pure aural ecstasy.  Here's to Canadian beer, blunts, women and Abuse.


Cunner Offal - Vocals
Big Pimp - Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
The Worst Person Ever - Rhythm Guitars
That Guy - Bass
Drug Lord - Drums

Label: Comatose Music
Country: Canada



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