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fredag 6 april 2018


Directed by: Paco Plaza
Written by: Paco Plaza
Stars:  Antonio Duque

Country: Spain
Style: Drama | Mystery | Short | Thriller
Runtime: 15 min

The early work of Paco Plaza (of the REC franchise fame), Abuelitos is a super moody, surreal Spanish horror short about a possibly futuristic nursing home where the patients are kept like test subjects.

The nursing home itself is more like an asylum. The walls are a stale green color, paint flaking, the fluorescent lights flicker, there’s rooms full of tubs where the patients bathe together, dreary hallways, it’s just this massive hospital.

The patients are all old men. They have IVs of this strange piss yellow substance that they’re also bathed in and fed. They’re also fed a small child. I think. And I think that I’ve come to this conclusion based on that there’s a walk in refrigerator that has body parts in jars that the nurses discuss “preparing.” I’m assuming the yellow liquid is whatever the children are reduced to.

They bring this small child into the hospital and she’s fed this brown goop that makes her drowsy and then brought to a room in the basement and she’s never seen again.

It’s a pretty ugly film. The old men are all really decrepit. They’re gaunt and discolored. You get a good screen full of old man dicks when they’re bathing early on. And then one of them is vomiting while they’re at their dinner table. So there’s no lack of gross in here.

It was cool. Kind of confusing and hard to follow because it was in Spanish and the dialog didn’t really give you much insight or context clues towards what exactly was going on. A hidden gem worth checking out for fans of weird 90’s sci fi horror stuff.


Produced by: Gonzalo De Castro Fraga
Cinematography by: Pablo Rosso
Editing by: José Ramón Lorenzo Picado
Special Effects by: Óscar del Monte
Music by: Mikel Salas
Language: Spanish
Color: Color

DistributorSynapse Films


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