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söndag 15 april 2018


Directed by: Domiziano Cristopharo, Jason Impey... read more
Written by: Sophia Cacciola, Andrea Cavaletto... read more
Stars:  Roberta Gemma, Michael J. Epstein, Martin W. Payne... read more

Country: UK
Style: Anthology
Runtime: 1h 30min

Director/producer/cinematographer/singer/artist Domiziano Cristopharo returns. Delivering one of the most ambitious anthologies he has been a major part of yet. The P.O.E. series of anthologies and Deep Web XXX are great examples of some of the dynamic, shocking and boundary breaking anthology material Cristopharo has been a part of thus far. Anthology films are becoming more and more apparent recently, almost a dime a dozen. I enjoy most because they put forth a vast amount of material using a diverse number of directors in a limited time frame. In the case of Phobia we get a little something extra, a devilish idea put into an anthology which is a force to be reckoned with.

Featuring 15 directors doing 15 different short tales revolving around some very different and unique fears. Some great directors on here I am very familiar with such as the main man himself Domiziano Cristopharo, Poison Rouge, Jason Impey, Chris Milewski and Davide Pesca. As to be expected some of the Phobia shorts are better than others, some are dynamite and others are just there or silly in some instances. Overall I appreciate the films approach by going this route, it is an intriguing premise. Artsploitation must have thought so because they have picked it up for distribution, the label has released some great stuff in the past including Der Samurai, Horsehead and Der Bunker.

Some of the segments which stick out are Lorenzo Zanoni and Alessandro Sisti's 'Chaetophobia' which is a fear of hair. We get a woman held captive by an absolutely terrifying hairless madman. I enjoyed this opener so much and wanted to see more. The killer is highly effective and its a shame its so short, this could definitely serve as a fleshed out feature film. There is some nasty carnage in this too as the killer delights in whipping up a batch of hair removal wax that removes more than just hair.

'Partenophobia' directed by Alessandro Redaeli which is the fear of virgins is definitely one of the rare phobias on here I have never heard of. This tale is amusing especially when the guy who has this fear is an adult movie star. He can't bring himself to perform intercourse in a film scene with a girl who chooses to lose her virginity in a porno film apparently!

Jason Impey delivers a common fear I have heard about which is 'Coprophobia' or the fear of feces. I am quite familiar with this word especially after listening to my share of death metal bands who tend to indulge in the use of the word for their song titles. This tale is effective except for the pillow looking feces monster which wages a battle with the main character in his mind. This one does get nice and messy so kudos to Impey for delivering some gruesome material.

Poison Rouge might be a name you are familiar with if you follow recent underground/Indie cinema. Rouge directed and Cristopharo produced 'American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice', an ultimate experience in self torture and mutilation. Poison Rouge delivers one of the craziest Phobia tales on here and probably my second favorite alongside the fear of hair segment. 'Mysophobia' is the fear of germs and in this one we get a man who obviously is a germophobe. He lives a life of seclusion and obsession with avoiding germs. The man ailment has serious mental effects on him, it eventually causes him to go crazy and harm himself in a bizarre and over the top fashion including peeling his own face off. A claustrophobic and disturbing tale.

Domiziano Cristopharo does a segment about the fear of cooking. This one is actually a bit quirky and comedic in its delivery. Beautifully figured Roberta Gemma plays a woman preparing a meal when all her ingredients take on disgusting human parts such as severed fingers and bloody human eyeballs. Even a fish in this one talks to Gemma telling her how cruel she is in preparing it for consumption. Gemma then takes a face dive into the oven where she partially cooks her face. I can see how Cristopharo definitely went tongue in cod cheek with this one because its playful yet at the same time fairly disgusting especially when Gemma is munching on that carrot which she believes is a human finger.

We close out with 'Hemophobia' or 'The Fear Of Blood' by Davide Pesca. This tale serves a a wrap around story where a woman is watching all of the different segments on her TV until the end where it finally gets into her mind and plays on her fear. Pesca's other material featuring during the credit rolling as well. I enjoy Pesca's work such as his collection of shorts Tales From Deep Hell, he delivers gruesome and gory spectacles with a sense of style.

Astrophobia or the fear of stars is also a very well made and professional looking short on here. A professional businessman meets a young woman with a unique name. Her name leads him to discovering a bizarre online astrology channel. The man becomes obsessed with the stars and fueled by this streaming channel into a state of horrendous madness. Honorable mention to all the directors on here for being a part of a very cool and unique take on the horror anthology. Some of these Phobias are obscure and I have never heard of a number of them. Taste Of Phobia is one of the most adventurous collaborations of 2018 featuring tremendous talent and a number of horrifying images and tales.

Visit for more information on this terrifying new anthology. Artsploitation are one of the leaders, not followers and release influential, controversial and ground breaking material. I commend Domiziano Cristopharo on getting Phobia into the limelight and check out the trailer, you won't be disappointed.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by: Vestra Pictures, The Enchanted Architect
Cinematography by: Daniele Fagone, Bryan McKay, Chris Milewski, Niccolo Palomba, Martine Wolf
Editing by: Alessandro Redaelli, Michael J. Epstein, Alessandro Giordani, Chris Milewski
Special Effects by: Emma Cigagna, Serena Meriggioli among others
Music by: Antriksh Bali, Giorgio Bertuccelli, Daisy Coole, Jim Ishii, Ruggero Melis, Tom Nettleship
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorArtsploitation Films


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