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torsdag 15 mars 2018


Directed by: Lucifer Valentine
Written by: Lucifer Valentine
Stars:  Ameara Lavey, Amy Lee, Cinderella Valentine... read more

Country: Canada
Style: Extreme
Runtime: 1h 05min

I did not care much about the first part of the Vomit Gore series 'Slaughtered Vomit Dolls', even though I had to give it three chances before I joined the track and understood its layout of the plot. And now I'm continuing this trip with Lucifer Valentine's second part of the series, which was not as difficult at all. I was pleasantly surprised and drawn into its horrific visual concept.

Before continuing, I want to make sure that you've read my first review in this series just so you have a basic understanding of what I'll be talking about in ReGOREgitated Sacrifice. The whole series is coherent with each other and is difficult to understand if one just jumps into the middle of its section.

Angela Aberdeen 'Ameara Lavey' continues her hellish trip through the purgatory to reach out from her unfortunate delusions, but she pushes all the way down the spiral of self-destructive behavior. Her hallucinations takes her to a pair of Siamese twins and once there she is now forced to face the worst kind of sadistic perversions one can thinking is possible.

Unlike SVD, which only showed small fragments, we'll get the whole cake. We are in the midst of Matrix, a sterile white room, free to wash blood, spray several liters of cascade vomit and tear out lots of guts - It almost looks like a set of finger-paint artists who throws out all their feelings on a big stafflap. Again, we meet Hank Skinny, he who's represented as one of Ameara's worst demons. He who loves to scalp the skullbone and vomit in the cranium and all over the brain. He pose around with an octopus on his head and looks generally stupid. And a funny thing I have noticed is Lucifers accumulation of various animals and insects, and that's a personal symbolism and a tribute to his parents who researched in invertebrates and loved to study insects. When Lucifer was a kid, he was introduced to many different types of insects and it's a motive that he uses extensively in his films and besides spiders and cockroaches, we also see this invertebrate squid.

Lucifer is very open with his paraphilia which he gladly adds to his installations, and in addition to the sensual special-FX of theater blood and latex, he mixes this with puke and urine, which is the utmost priority in the Vomit Gore series, although the story is about something else as many can not even imagine. But it's still the viewer who decides what they want to believe and enjoy in this movies.

I don't know if many have thought of it before, but another curiosity is that Amy Lee (singer in Evanescence) has an acting role in this movie, and Lucifer's sister Cinderella (R.I.P) is making an very brief effort as well. And If you haven't heard about it before, Lucifer and Cinderella were not just siblings, they were engaged and should marry before she committed suicide, and her scene in ReGOREgitated is a symbolism of that case. She was jealous of Ameara who was dating Lucifer at the time, and she left her life by re-enacting Ameara's death in Slaughtered Vomit Dolls. And if we talk a bit more about Cinderella, she's one of the biggest reasons why the Vomit Gore series has gotten its existence. Without her, Lucifer had neither found motivation nor inspiration to make it.

ReGOREgitated Sacrifice is a relentless assault on the senses, an intense barrage of horrific avant-garde imagery and sound designed to offend and disgust, and, unlike Lucifers first attempt in Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, it didn't bore the hell out of me with its repetitiveness and dreary pace. Here he embarks on strange messages that the viewer can investigate if they want, and these scenes and dialogues are full of collections of symbolic elements and often small details; similar pieces of dialogues that weave together all kind of themes and sentences in the whole. Some pieces of this puzzle are big and quite noticeable, while others are small and intricate and at first almost unthinkable.

I loved this part so much, it was a real boost from its predecessor, it was exciting, interesting and astounding in its artistic structure and I really hope that the next movie will continue in the same vintage. All forms of body fluid served as pastel colors over the stiff floor. It was really beautiful to watch. Really creative, albeit a bit disgusting. But I have chosen to watch this from a psychological and artistic perspective, not as provocative and bad.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5


Produced by: Lucifer Valentine
Cinematography by: Lucifer Valentine
Editing by: Lucifer Valentine
Special Effects by: Lucifer Valentine
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorBlack Lava Entertainment | Unearthed Films


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