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lördag 17 mars 2018


Directed by: Thierry Zéno
Written by: Dominique Garny, John Kupferschmidt, Thierry Zéno
Stars:  Dominique Garny

Country: Belgium
Style: Arthouse | Drama
Runtime: 1h 20min

Vase de Noces (better known as The Pig Fucking Movie/ Wedding Trough) is written and directed by Thierry Zéno and Dominique Garny (Of the Dead). What has given the film its reputation are the grotesque scenes and its post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The film gives us a journey through the basic nature of life and is a masterful and experimental allegory of humanity's early days. The film has been screened for over 40 years at various film festivals around the world, but has never had an official view on a regular movie theater. It got its very first official release on dvd as soon as 2009.

From here we become invited to a nameless farmer (Dominique Garny) and his extremely rare life with a sow. We follow her from the day she's a piglet, to her adult life. The farmer shows a mutual picture of how much he likes the pig, and at first it may look naturaly, but the farther we come, the harder it will be to handle the situation. The man develops a sexual relationship with the sow, which gives consequences when it turns out she is pregnant. From here the movie's bright moments turn out to something more depraved. It gets cold, dark and very unpleasant. When it turns out that the sow shows more love to her piglets than to the farmer, he becomes jealous and kills the piglets by hanging. Then she becomes so depressed that she commits suicide.

Many believe that Vase de Noces takes place in the future and that our protagonist is the last person on earth. Although this may be true, I personally think that it's a timeless act with a very small reason to suggest a specific period of time. The important thing is that this farmer is incredibly isolated and possibly chronically depressed. Throughout the film, we watch clips as he forces dollheads on pigeons and arranges various contaminated substances in cans, perhaps to expel time and perhaps as a compulsive mania. But what we know for sure is that this man is an unfortunate case, and we as a viewer get a disturbing experience by invoking his destructive life.

The film is completely in black and white and has no dialogue at all. Instead, they uses music which gives the story an extra dimension. They have chosen parts of the 11th century composer Perotin - the first known polyphonic composer. It also contains music by Claudio Monteverdi - who was the biggest composer around the early Baroque and is best known for his madrigals, as well as the "Orpheus" opera from year 161:

This work is suggestively elegant, but also very dirty and gives you a clear provocative eagerness feeling and I can honestly say that the last fifteen minutes of the movie made me want to rush into the bathroom and vomit. The reason for my feeling was mainly due to the film's superficial play with the eyes of the viewer. Some scenes are so drawn out that you finally feel like part of the movie.

In summary, this is a really hard film to watch, and although I have a weakness for such experiences, you need a strong stomach and a lot of patience after all. In some way, this movie is rewarding and it definitely stays in your mind as long as you live. Do you want to experience a strange and hypnotic movie that throws the viewer into a schizophrenic nightmare? Choose Vase de Noces, you will never regret it. It has gilded both my nerves and my stomach.

My rating: 5 out of 5


Produced by: Thierry Zéno
Cinematography by: Thierry Zéno
Editing by: Thierry Zéno
Special Effects by: none
Music by: Alain Pierre, Perotin, Claudio Monteverdi
Language: none
Color: Black and white

DistributorCamera Obscura


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