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fredag 23 mars 2018


Directed by: Ari Aster
Written by: Ari Aster
Stars: Billy Mayo, Brandon Greenhouse, Angela Bullock... read more

Country: USA
Style: Comedy | Drama | Short
Runtime: 28min

Yeah, well. This was pretty awkward and uncomfortable. A super bizarre and abusive father/son relationship tears the family apart and ultimately ends in the death of the father and son.

I could leave that there. Just like that. And it sounds preeetty sleazy the way it is. But man, if you go into this sucker blind you’re going to get your mind melted. Within the first two minutes you get the idea of what’s going on and how bizarre it actually is. After that, it’s all down hill.

The subject matter is extremely dark but handled in a way that doesn’t seem like it’s exploitive of what’s going on. It’s like if Todd Solondz, Tyler Perry and Douglas Buck sat down and wrote a film together and the outcome was weirder than they even expected.

It’s an incredibly uncomfortable short that packs a punch. Once you get going you expect there to be a twist ending or something, but no. The entire film is a twist. It doesn’t go anywhere that you would expect it to. It just churns and churns and becomes this ugly, chaotic mess and by the climax you have this big issue that you’re watching these people struggle with and you, from the outside, know that there’s no going back from what’s happening. They’re just fucked.

This is the typical formula for any abusive family style film except with a massive role reversal, and that role reversal is so heavy that it’s almost hard to process as it’s happening. Like I said, the movie doesn’t really have a twist because the entire thing just twists into what it is as you’re watching it. The father is treated both as the son and wife figure, at least that’s how I interpreted it. He’s treated like he’s inferior by the son, and he’s treated like he’s delicate by the wife.

My only real problem was that there was points where it felt really slow. When it picked up it really picked up but the slow, sluggish points were pretty bad. Some of the camera angles and cinematography were strange but these are all small gripes.

Anyway. If you want to make people think that you’re a freak, tell them that this is the kind of film you’re into. Check out our video review.


Produced by: Alejandro De Leon
Cinematography by: Pawel Pogorzelski
Editing by: Brady Hallongren
Special Effects by: Matt Del Castillo, Nick Plantico
Music by: Brendan Eder
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: American Film Institute


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