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måndag 5 mars 2018


Directed by: Dakota Bailey
Written by: Dakota Bailey
Stars: Dakota Bailey, Larry Bay, Alaskan Cinder... read more

Country: USA
Style: Crime
Runtime: 50 min

Dakota Bailey’s fourth feature length film, The Rise And Fall Of An American Scumbag is exactly what it sounds like. A mixed bag of bizarre, rotten characters with no good intentions to be found. Every person you’re introduced to is extremely hard to like, but it’s enjoyable to watch as they trudge through their miserable lives. The three main themes here are drugs, money, and murder. They drive each individual to make the decisions that they do and ultimately result in their respective downfalls.

Although each character plays a significant part in the way the story unravels, I would say that the main focus is Billy (Darien Fawkes). A deranged drug addict who schemes to execute his own father to bank off of his life insurance policy, Billy’s endgame is to pack his cokewhore girlfriend up and get them both the hell out of town. This, in theory, is a good idea until Billy realizes that his father left all of his money to a church and he murdered him for nothing. Still broke and now with his own father’s blood on his hands, Billy finds himself robbing and killing his way out of town.

Along the way you meet several other characters, some more prominent than others but all equally vital to the plot. Pat (Alaskan Cinder), a local drug lord. Johnny (Dakota Bailey), a twisted hitman who does goon work for Pat. Rose a post-op street level drug dealer. Wheeling Deals (Larry Bay), a wheelchair bound Vietnam vet. And C Dog, a mentally challenged street corner hustler. Like I said, some characters are more prominent than others, but each serves their own purpose. Except maybe C Dog. I think he was just in there to have a mentally challenged hustler.

The Rise And Fall Of An American Scumbag is step in a great direction for Dakota Bailey as he shows steady progression with each film he makes. I would go as far as saying that he’s today’s answer to 1994’s Jim Van Bebber (Deadbeat at Dawn, Manson Family). Or a darker, more serious version of John Miller. His style is dark and everything is extreme. From the stories he tells to the extent he goes to get shots. He really is great.

Check out our video for a more in depth look at Dakota Bailey’s The Rise And Fall Of An American Scumbag:


Produced by: Dakota Bailey, Sebastian Oake
Cinematography by: Dakota Bailey
Editing by: Dakota Bailey
Special Effects by: Dakota Bailey
Music by: Skullcrack
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorR A Productions


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