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lördag 24 mars 2018


Directed by: Brad Twigg
Written by: Brad Twigg
Stars:  Dallas White, Kelsey Cooper, Scott Gaver... read more

Country: USA
Style: Extreme | Short
Runtime: 30min

Brad Twigg delivers this very old school style but well shot ode to such films as House By The Cemetery, City Of The Living Dead or even Umberto Lenzi's Ghost House. There is even a node to Fulci's The Beyond by saying the house in the movie is remarked by one of the cast as being built on the seven gateways to hell. Mix this supernatural horror with a menacing masked character named skull face with the ability to look at you and make you puke your guts up ala Fulci Gates Of Hell style.

It's easy to see from watching this Twigg is a big fan of classic horror and gore movies and he pays homage to them as much as he can in the 30 minute time frame. The acting is strictly cardboard here but the atmosphere of the house, the music and the camera work shine plus we get a bunch of corpses who are supposedly the souls of people who died in the house popping up providing jump scares all over the place.

It's not original material but the homage is nice and the practical gore effects are at the top of their game in this. The gore is definitely one of the major highlights as the movie is not afraid to splash the red stuff around in buckets. We get a great gut puke sequence obviously a node to Fulci like I mentioned earlier, a cool face ripping, gory neck biting, body cavities are sliced open and much more. I'll say it again if I wasn't quite clear, I really enjoyed the gore!

The story has a group of friends who decide to break into what is known as The Hell House for a few kicks instead of spending a normal evening hanging out at the bowling alley. When they get in the house they start spewing tales of all the mischievous shit that went on there including a character named Skull Face who was a known serial killer who happened to dwell in the house. Before long there are creepy corpses sneaking around the house unbeknownst to our guests that only the viewer can see. Skull Face is also lurking in the house and sets the wheels for possession and murder in motion as he infects one of the girls turning her into an evil dead-like minion who attacks her friends.

It's basic well tread material but its done fairly well, entertained me for its short runt time and delivered on the sauce so as far as shorts go I would recommend checking it out and especially if you love gory short films because it offers up some nice juice material. Kudos to Brad Twigg for putting time into keeping low budget horror/gore alive and for paying a cool tribute to the genre with his own style and sense of passion.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by:  Leslie Monk, Brad Twigg
Cinematography by:  Brad Twigg
Editing by:  Brad Twigg
Special Effects by:  Lisa Rhoades Jett, Leslie Monk
Music by: Gost
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorFuzz Monkey Films


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