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söndag 11 mars 2018

TANTRUM (2015)

Directed by: James Bell
Written by: James Bell
Stars:  James Bell, Mae Bell, Brian Papandrea

Country: USA
Style: Arthouse | Short
Runtime: 35min

James Bell started as a self-taught deviant underground-filmmaker in his hometown of Detroit Michigan and his first short film came to be 'Dog Dick' (2013). As the owner of his distribution company 'Very Fine Crap Videos', he sells everything he creates, ranging from props and his movies of course. All of his movie-releases have crazy hand-sketched artworks made by among others Jeff Sample and Jimmy Squarejaw and alternative versions drawn by artist and director Joe Meredith.

I've been heard of James Bell for several years, but this was my first time I gave his fucked up movies a honest chance. Recently he gave birth to the special-effects in James Quinn's 'Flesh of the Void' (2017) and Joe Merediths 'South Mill District' (2018), but Tantrum is his third own short film that he wrote and directed by his own in 2015.

How should I describe Tantrum then? I would say it's the most intense and brooding piece of art one can found. This is a avant-gardistic and atmospheric place where carnage reigns supreme and the visions of darkness and defiling mutilations are alive filled with depressing, sick and gory characters what look like a pile of crap from hell. A arthouse short film for less than 35 minutes, which feels longer than its true running time on the basis of sight and flight to the madness of James created world.

What's most difficult is to define the movie's real plot, but I don't think it's necessary because this is a surreal and fictitious world. We see a man walks into a bathroom where he commits suicide and throughout the thirty five minute we see him commit various crimes against himself as well as a woman, and that's really the all. But I can say that the musical score, composed by Bob Beischer, Dan DeTitta and Ryan Trimmer, adds the infecting style of storytelling, so you will definitely experience something out of the ordinary, both musically and visually.

If you like to fuck christianity in the ass and provoke it the most, we have a excellent scene where a person violates the anal with a crucifix in a myriad of projectile diarrhea and blood. There's alot of symbolism and pure nihilistic hatred in this existential hell where life and death have no meaning.

I truely love all of James bizarre charactares and the world he tries to build up. And his love for semen and feces makes a remarkable reminder, since this is a subject that he really likes to show along with blood and intestines.

In addition to mentioning that Tantrum had a sequel 'Tantrum 2: Phantom of the Demon' last year which I also gonna review, there is not much more to say about Tantrum. I suppose everybody have to make their own assessment about it. But please visit his website, buy his movies and penis-prostheses, and join a world full of bizarre madness.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


Produced by: James Bell
Cinematography by: James Bell
Editing by: James Bell
Special Effects by: James Bell, Marcus Koch, Alex Murphy, Sadie Sparkles
Music by: Bob Beischer, Dan DeTitta, Ryan Trimmer
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorVery Fine Crap Videos


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