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fredag 16 mars 2018

SPECTRE (1996)

Directed by: Scott P. Levy
Written by: Victoria Muspratt, Brendan Broderick
Stars: Alexandra Paul, Greg Evigan, Will South, Briana Evigan... read more

Country: USA | Ireland
Style: Action | Thriller
Runtime: 1h 23min

Spectre, also known by its very original alternate title 'House Of The Damned', really creeped me out when I was little. But upon revisiting it recently I've decided that as a child I was way stupider than I remember being. There’s nothing creepy about this film. It's mid 90's direct to video garbage at its worst.

The plot, about as original as the the films alternate title, is basically the story of a family who moves to Ireland to live in an inherited estate. Of course nothing is ever as good as it seems and the house turns out to be haunted. When things start to get really weird the family decides to meet with a local priest who hesitantly confesses to them that the wife’s family spent generations practicing black magic in their new home and as the result to this the estate is also home to several evil beings. They enlist a strange ghost hunting paranormal investigator and eventually ward off the evil spirits. Or do they?

Spectre kind of reminded me of a knock off Amityville Horror sequel. I’m sure it was heavily inspired by Amityville. Some scene almost felt lifted from the Amityville series. But then again, maybe they just weren't very original in the first place. Who knows. Maybe the Amityville remake was influenced by this. It also felt like a low budget Poltergeist rip-off here and there. I can’t stress how bland the plot was. It was a series of “Oh. That happens in this film too?” scenarios.

There’s really no conclusion by the end. It just ends. You’re left with a lot of questions and a weird empty feeling. The film was about 50% stock footage of race cars, 20% artsy filler shots, and then 30% plot. But dude. Once the racecar creature shows up, it’s game over. My brain turned to gelatin. You don’t really get an idea of the scale of the creature in real time but I would like to imagine it being some Survival Research Labs level construction considering the fx were done by Survival Research Labs.

I really felt like I was getting dumber as the film went on. But some things you’ll bare witness to are: Really terrible CGI Predator-esque monsters, an occult expert who looks like Marshall Applewhite, flashbacks to naked babes writhing in bed, Alexandra Paul foxing it up, some kid who can’t act interacting with spooky ghost dolls, creepy witch creatures, everything in the damn house squirting fake blood at people, statues killing dudes, doors opening to reveal windows 95 screen savers on the other side... It almost felt like they just wanted to dump as much ridiculous bullshit into one movie as they could.

I really don't think anyone actually needs to see this garbage pile. But if you’ve got an hour and a half to kill and this is the only film you have access to, it could be worse.


Produced by: Roger Corman, Mary Ann Fisher, Lance H. Robbins
Cinematography by: Christopher Baffa
Editing by: John Gilbert
Special Effects by: Matthew Guinmane, Camilla Uí Cheallaigh
Music by: Christopher Lennertz
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: New Horizons Home Video


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