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torsdag 22 mars 2018


Artist: Sacramentary Abolishment
Released: 1996-02-15
Style: Black Metal | Death Metal | Doom Metal
Runtime: 46:26

Sacramentary Abolishment destroy with this Black/Death/War/Doom Metal release. Released in 1996, the band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada weaved a masterful doom-laden and black metal attack unlike any other. Canada is not necessarily known for its black metal (we had the band Blasphemy and a couple others) but being Canadian I am proud we had bands like Sacramentary Abolishment who made a significant impact on a rather non-existent scene.

Sacramentary Abolishmenteventually split and existing members went on to form the even superior black/war/death band Axis of Advance who are probably one of the most brutal bands to ever come out of Canada or anywhere for that matter. Axis of Advance split and members formed Conqueror and Revenge - all excellent must hear bands born from brutal frozen and blackened Canadian blood. Sacramentary Abolishment's upcoming release after The Distracting Stone was to be titled Axis of Advance but the band split and took this as their band name instead. The drummer Paulus Kressman left and the band and decided to retire the Sacramentary Abolishment name as Kressman was one of the founders.

The music contained in the eight tracks is an insanely controlled and masterful fast attack mixing some tracks with a punching black war metal feel. The opener Commencement: Quodo's Lamentation Of Stratagem features a pounding drum intro then bludgeons you with blast beat inferno and raspy black metal vocals. Songs like Reassessment Of Preliminary Defensive Procedures are slowed down pieces of depressing doom metal with creative guitar arrangements creating a unique atmosphere. The song EruliaF is like this grind infested track that never lets up with the sickest gurgling vocals and insane unrelenting musicianship. It is face melting chaos and with this song I can really hear the Axis of Advance sound the band turned to later in their career.

Originally released on Catharsis Records in 1996, River of Corticone received a limited to 500 copies re-release in 2006 with changed artwork. Don't let the simplistic art on the cover of River of Corticone fool you, this shit brutally crushes like no other. You might be able to track down a copy on the internet as sites such as Discogs or eBay, fortunately River of Corticone is available on YouTube as well but I highly recommend tracking down the disc if you can get it because its worth on the shelf of any black/death metal collector.

Sacramentary Abolishment also released an amazing follow-up to River of Corticone, titled The Distracting Stone which is another Canadian metal gem which should also be sought out because it brings an even more unique black/war/metal vibe to the forefront. They also did another demo in 1998 with a couple covers of Slayer and Rotting Christ. The band's demo, Misanthropy, released in 1994 is probably one of the best Canadian death metal demos ever released, alongside Necrotic Mutation's "Sepulchure Of The Suffering". There was also a track released titled Of Moonlight and Fire which was released and spread via the internet after the band split. River of Corticone is a jaw dropping display of Canadian black/war metal at its finest, it's unrelenting, savage and masterful -- an album worth repeated listens.


Wor - Guitars, Vocals
Chris Ross - Bass, Vocals
Paulus Kressman - Drums, Vocals

Label:  Independent
Country: Canada


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