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torsdag 1 mars 2018


Directed by: Sander Cage
Written by: Sander Cage
Stars: Sander Cage, Female Accomplice

Country: Germany
Style: Extreme | Short
Runtime: 17min

When a companies motto is to make porn great again I have to ask myself; - what was ever wrong with it!? Besides the objectifying and humiliation of women with a modern emphasis on heterosexual anal sex it gets the job done right? Filmmaker Sander Cage seems to want to go further or at least offer something up a little different for those with a taste for more extreme material. This short features a simple scenario, hardcore sex and extreme video clips.

The sex itself is typical explicit full fledged hardcore you would see in any self respecting adult feature, but it's actually pretty standard fare when measured up against a lot of modern pornography coming out these days. A woman is partaking in a some sort of ritual while a bunch of disturbing video clips are flashing such as women gagging on men's phallus's and regurgitating, rough anal fornication, urine drinking, shit eating and other non sexual disturbing clips of odd looking animations, corpses and so forth, even mickey mouse is squeezed in there to destroy your childhood innocence if you have any left.

Sander Cage toys with his female muse, gags her with his rod, anally violates her and she produces an eloquent cum fart. Nothing more, nothing less, it's not groundbreaking material but the style is edgy with the use of its music and disturbing delivery of the content. I'm not familiar with a lot of this type of material and if its along the lines of Beyond Madness or any of the VLF Laboratories offerings who specialize in extreme pornography.

My Kind Of Hatred is an atmospheric diatribe of violent sexual expression and it shows that porn can be a form of art in an extreme sense. Art is a freedom of expression and in my opinion pornography sort of plays the role of deviant art for those adult connoisseurs. Anyone who has the nerve to pick up a camera and put their most intimate moments out there in the name of art gets my approval and is one brave individual so I applaud Cage for openly delivering this short to the masses.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by: Sander Cage
Cinematography by: Sander Cage
Editing by: Sander Cage
Special Effects by: Sander Cage
Music by: Sander Cage
Language: None
Color: Color

DistributorSado Messiah Productions


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