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söndag 11 mars 2018


Directed by: Rémy Couture
Written by: Rémy Couture
Stars: Rémy Couture, Amellya, Anne Marie D., Sophie R.,
Andréanne Slythe, Cloé Huard, Laurie Poirier, Fred Q.

Country: Canada
Style: Extreme | Short
Runtime: 10min | 10min

Rémy Couture’s 'Inner Depravity' is more than a pair of extreme horror shorts, it's a milestone in freedom to create extreme art. Made in 2004 and 2005, Inner Depravity 1 & 2 are infamous in the extreme horror world for containing convincingly real fx, being extremely graphic, and landing it’s creator, Rémy Couture, behind bars for “corrupting morals by creating and distributing obscene materials.” Though they're not necessarily anymore extreme or graphic than any other “extreme horror” films, having the history that they do has catapulted the 'Inner Depravity' shorts into underground infamy.

The films are standard fare for gore-nerds. Borderline plotless, a masked killer dismembers and desecrates a series of attractive women, the end. Looking past the whole court case, it’s the fx that really set these films apart from other films in the genre.

The first film is, in my opinion, the better of the two. There's more structure and it almost plays out like a snuff film or a collection of footage that the FBI or whatever Canada’s version of that is, has put together. There's crime scene footage, photographs of cadavers, and scenes of the masked killer torturing his victims in what appears to be an abandoned house. Though the fx are extremely impressive the overall quality of the film is pretty raw and rough around the edges. But this only adds to the realism.

The second film, though still insanely brutal and envelope pushing, is much more polished and artsy. The camera work is on point, and the picture quality rivals films that have much higher budgets than I’m assuming this one had. What it lacks in rawness it makes up for in brutality and shocking subject matter. The killer has traded his abandoned shack for an underground lair packed with 50 gallon Dahmer drums. He also now has children that he feeds flesh to. It’s bizarre and an interesting step away from the original film. But it's really effective.

In general, they’re both great films. The stills from the first film could pass as authentic crime scene photographs, and I can understand them being alarming to someone who isn’t really immersed in the extreme horror world. It’s a very similar situation to Charlie Sheen/Guinea Pig.

If you’re interested and have time, check out for more insight into the origins of the Inner Depravity project and the court case that came from it. There’s also a great documentary by Frederick Maheux called Art/Crime that does an incredible job at covering the whole case as well. Both Inner Depravity shorts are available on the Art/Crime disc.

For a more in depth look at both shorts, check out our Four Minute and Twenty Second film review.


Produced by: Rémy Couture, Martin M.
Cinematography by: Martin M.
Editing by: Rémy Couture, David J. Baron
Special Effects by: Rémy Couture
Music by: Peter Andersson, Jouni Havukainen
Language: English | French
Color: Color

DistributorKing of the Witches


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