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tisdag 13 mars 2018


Artist: Gods Forsaken
Released: 2017-06-09
Style: Death Metal
Runtime: 41:49

Gods Forsaken, formed in 2016, is a brand new dominant Death Metal trio with members from sweden and norway whom dug up Blood Mortized old dusty tombstone and smashed it into pieces with their exclusive wrath. Blood Mortized is just a memory and what would have become their next album was used for this debut-album instead.

The nordic part of death metal artists has begun to re-produce that long awaited old school touch with bands such as Entrails, Megascavenger, Torture Division and Crypticus and although Gods Forsaken is playing in the same league with mostly the same members, they now have a chance to show where the coffin shall stand once and for all.

With members from among others Just Before Dawn, The Grotesquery and Wombbath, the road has been crossed when Gods Forsaken throws away their gloves in the purgatory whose bluish flames flare and from there they will burn out a new generation of traditional death metal that produces energetic and grumpy tendencies in an unexplained fragments of greedy stomach punches.

In A Pitch Black Grave, which's also the name of the first title track, culminates with a sample that reminds me of a sleazy vampire movie by Jean Rollin or Jesus Franco, and just within a minute they unravel all human existence with supertriggered drums and long-awaited Buzzsaw driven HM2 effects. But it's not just quick and well-worked guitar solos that controls this kind of work, also doomish tracks are in line with the previously featured song 'Born Of Blasphemy' which was their first official song-release on YouTube last year.

This is well-organized and structural achievements, combined with the band's interplay and its whole entirety. Two of the better songs includes 'Curse Of The Serpent' and 'Soul's Torn Apart', where musty guitars swim in harmony with Jonny Pettersson's heavy voice. This stands out with handsome blastbeats performed by the well-known drummer Mr.Harbinger and some elaborated guitar-solos by Anders Biazzi that will make each lost soul feel alive again.

It's very hard to expand with the greatest bands in its genre; there was an era where bands such as Entombed, Panzerchrist, Blood Red Throne and Dismember dominated a whole world. Finding back to that part in a year like 2018 is very demanding and above all wedging with the idea of what assets musicians have today. But I definitely believe that Gods Forsaken has the chance to take the whole world by storm if they continue to develop themselves properly. They have all the prerequisites and are hugely talented musicians with lots of inspirations and ideas.

This album are going to put Nordic Death Metal on the map again, that's for sure. The two last drops that delivered in the same spirit were Entrails 'The Tomb Awaits' (2011) and Gravebomb 'Rot In Putrid Filths' (2016). In A Pitch Black Grave is mean, it is dirty and it is really damn sophisticated old school death metal that we have longing for in decades!


Band members:
Jonny Pettersson - Vocals
Anders Biazzi - Guitars/Bas
Brynjar Helgetun - Drums

Label: Soulseller Records
Country: Sweden | Norway

Bandcamp: https://soulsellerrecords.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/godsforsakenSWE/


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