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måndag 5 mars 2018


We were given the opportunity to interview one of the coolest doodle masters in underground artistry. With his sparkling, playful colors and his clear 8legz-inspiration, he has learned to use the style well and made something own out of it. This is Toxic Vomit Artworks!


Hi there, we at Twisted Minds are a little curious about who you really are. After seeing some of your artworks on various movies and CD-convuluts, we would like to know who the artist is behind the illustrations?

  - Well I'm just a regular guy, no one special, haha. I'm trying to make it all about art and the working name I use, so that's why I don't really communicate through personal profile.

How did your career start as an artist and have you had any exhibits over the years. Can you tell us something about this?

  - I've been drawing stuff time by time as far as I can remember. as for working with bands, I began it when I was 16 in 2012, after that I just progressed. My older stuff was much darker but less "professional" though. About the exhibits - nope I don't consider myself as a painter or an artist (using the word in a traditional sense) at all, I'm just making designs for shirts and CDs, I don't think those are kind of drawings that you can put in a frame or look too deep into and call it a "work of art". They're just cool designs I guess.

Which artists has primarily inspired you in what you do today and who do you prefer?

  - My first inspiration was Vince Locke (mostly known as the artwork artist for the band Cannibal Corpse) I loved his comics and basically aimed to check out all of his work. I used to re-draw his stuff all the time when I was doodling stuff in my notebook. "Profession"-wise the one who inspired me the most was Felix Laflamme (french Canadian Artist/Illustrator) because I though he hit the "cool" part real well with his art. About an year ago I also discovered 8legz who's real similar to him but more hiphop-oriented, absorbing his art I noticed that when adding the shadows/lights, adding just darker/lighted tone of the same color is not enough and every tone should be slightly a different color overall. Those three are my main inspirations basically.

For how long have you been running Toxic Vomit Artworks and what's your driving force behind it. Is it a job for you, something that brings money into your everyday life, or is it a hobby that you want to lead to a job later?

  - First when I started, my page was called 'Morbid Artworks', but most of my stuff was gory violent pornographic drawings, so Facebook deleted that one real soon, haha. Then I made a new page named 'Corpse Fucking Artworks' and I just censored the gory/pornographic parts. But time by time most of the stuff I was comissioned to do were not in that direction, so I thought as most of the work I was getting was non-pornogrind, I'd change the name to more recognisable one instead of just death metal/grind oriented - so I just switched to 'Toxic Vomit Artwork' from mid-2016. And yeah, that's basically what I do as a job, I'm 22 so I'm cool with the amount of work I'm getting from that. Besides, I'd rather keep doing this and grow rather than work a high paying job that I don't really enjoy the process of.

Based on your illustrations, one may want to wonder who you are. Illustrations usually produce an artist's personality in one way or another, so let me guess a bit about your interests and feel free to correct me and expand the lines with some more information:

1. I think you are a person who drawn to a darker perspective. With your collaboration with among others SRS Cinema LCC, I would like to believe that you don't just make it for money, but also for your own personal interest in horror- and gore movies. You find it easier to relate to that sort of style and thus can create your own style of it. Am I right?

  - Stuff I usually do now even for horror movies isn't nearly as "personal" as the ones I did years ago actually. I'm not trying to make these dark and scary at all, my thing now is to make it look as "cool" as I can. But as personal stuff goes, yeah most of my own drawings were all dead babies/sexy chicks with amputated limbs and the style wasn't this comic-book type either, I really prefer those darker type drawings BUT that required realistic drawing and I don't have patience to master that properly. Plus, tons of other artists do those sadistic stuff much better than I do so I thought I'd just stick to the style I think I'd be more original in, so now I'm more oriented on "cooler' look instead of horrifying, but I'm still trying to keep the darkness in it though, haha. I'm not interested in doing happy/cheerful stuff even though the style has changed a bit.

2. Musically, I think you're a sucker for Metal, mainly Thrash, Black and Brutal Death Metal, but also Hiphop, such as Horrorcore and Death Rap - that's such a depiction I imagine about your illustrations. It sprouts that kind of culture in exactly the style you're distinguished with. How much of that speculation match you?

  - Yeah, I basically grew up on Thrash/Death Metal, I didn't even listen to hiphop or horrorcore but I liked the visual of it as I liked skateboarding and they had more in common look/image-wise. Only rappers I listened to were Necro and Bushpig. But yeah, tons of rappers asked for designs that I liked the music of afterwards, so I kinda began to appreciate horrorcore time after time.

Since this is a music and movie-page. What are your favorite bands and do you have any movies that top the most?

  - Man, I was crazy in love with Jörg Buttgereit's films as a kid, I was 14 when I saw 'Nekromantik' (1987) and I was in love in all of his films ever since. As for music, I grew up on all kind of metal but when 13 year old myself came across pornogrind/goregrind, I was kinda obsessed with it haha. My favorite one was 'Cemetery Rapist' and actually that was the first band that printed my artwork, so I was real happy that my first client was my favorite band (I messaged him and he liked my art basically). Now I listen to all kinds of stuff, the album I really liked a lot that I came across now was 'Old Lady Drivers' - Lo Flux Tube'.

If you were to make your own comic book, how would it look like then?

  - It depends really, the thing is that I'm doing much better job at executing other people's ideas, for example, if I get even the small hint about the plot, I can build whole world around it haha but to start from scratch, I find it real difficult to come up with a concept cause I don't know where to start and that's the theme. I started one a while ago but didn't have time and willpower to continue it, it was a superhero comic book like marvel/DC but much darker/gory and kinda metaphorical.. maybe I'll do it someday, it all depends on how bad something will piss me off to write a metaphorical comic book about it haha

We think you are really good at what you are doing, your art is stunning. Is there anything extraordinary that have made you famous over the years and that you are extra proud of. If so, can you tell us?

  - Thanks for appreciations man, I think I have to improve a lot even now. I don't think I'm famous though haha, I only have 3,500 likes and my designs are 110-150$ each, that's really where the below-average designers are, haha.

What are your future plans for this year? Is there something special that happens?

  - I'll be glad if I'll manage to learn some animation by the end of the year and do some work in that sphere. Would be tons of fun doing music videos with animations. Other than that, nothing special really.

We really wished that the interview could have been a bit longer, but we don't have much more questions at the present time. We will return to you later, and of course show up more of your items in future posts and keeping promote you and your art. Do you have anything more to add?

  - Thanks for the interview and support man! I really appreciate that. I think it's awesome that someone would reach out to me and try to promote/support me.

- The thing I'd like to add is; check out Hatred Productions, my friends are starting a snuff/gore themed brand that will have some really twisted aparrel and hopefully skateboards aswell in the future. They haven't officially launched it yet, but everything's in process and I've done few designs for them also. They already have facebook/instagram with few designs showcased, should turn out something awesome if handled properly. So yeah - check out Hatred Productions!

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