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tisdag 27 mars 2018


Directed by: Guy Pearce
Written by: Guy Pearce
Stars:  Han, Uran

Country: Japan
Style: Short
Runtime: 40min

Imagine you have been out in the world minding your own business, it could be with friends, family or even by yourself and you are brutally and physically attacked. I'm sure people can relate in some way or another even if they have been a victim even in mild situations with feelings of disruption, disdain and in the most crippling a sense of fear. Now for the rest of your existence even with help from therapy, talking to your family and friends this feeling never leaves your side. This feeling creeps up on you. Every time you hear your front door shut, even when you are in your safe space especially if this safe haven has been invaded. This sense of fear finds its way in through the cracks or openings so you can never escape. No matter where you are, no place is a safe place.

Guy Pearce aka Guy S. Fragments has released this 40 minute short about such an event. Pearce is a known aficionado of Japanese Cinema such as the Guinea Pig Series, Tetsuo: Iron Man, Rubbers Lover and numerous other cult, splatter punk and gore titles. Pearce also released another film titled 'The Rope Maiden' (2013) which plays out as a rules to killing or engaging in the making of a snuff film. I've heard about Guy being an advocate for underground films and he has inspired a lot of people to seek out particular films and collect them, I also heard he did YouTube videos about underground films and collecting so he is a well respected individual.

The beginning of Difficulty Breathing specifies to turn the film up loud. The industrial noise sounds and other offbeat noises are one of the key factors in the film in getting a message across of extreme anxiety and punishing stress. The movie was shot in Japan to my knowledge and was made for practically next to nothing. The woman in the film is the sole character and besides another guy who appears briefly it is a one actress picture shot mostly in one location in an apartment except for a couple of outside scenes.

The woman is seen going about her everyday routine until she stars showing some unusual behavior with uncontrollable crying and comatose/emotionless demeanor. I have to say I needed to get a synopsis to this as I couldn't figure out the story behind why she was acting this way. I began watching without anything and thought the movie was about agoraphobia or depression as it was clear to see. Also the scenes where it appears she has a bloody fetus led me to believe it was about a woman losing a child but in reality I viewed it as a symbolic event of a possible rape that occurred when she was attacked.

I'm impressed with Difficulty Breathing, it is a highly effective and nightmarish trip into the broken psyche of a woman who cannot recover from the traumatic event and her descent into madness. I recommend it for fans of underground art cinema especially for those who crave atmospheric and experimental fear with an unbelievable sonic/noise musical score which really delivers on another level. The actress who is simply known as Uran does an amazing job in this and given the budgetary constraints I can't rave about it enough.

Visit and pick up a copy of Difficulty Breathing plus while your at it get The Rope Maiden, his earlier film, you won't be disappointed, mucho talent to be found in these releases.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


Produced by:  Guy Pearce
Cinematography by:  Guy Pearce
Editing by:  Guy Pearce
Special Effects by:  Guy Pearce
Music by: Guy Pearce
Language: Japanese
Color: Color

DistributorSculpting Fragments Productions


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