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lördag 17 mars 2018

CRACK DOG (1988)

Directed by: Casey Kehoe
Written by: Casey Kehoe
Stars: Daniel O'Shea, Vic Noto

Country: USA
Style: Comedy | Short
Runtime: 5min

Crack Dog is a great example of how much can be done in five minutes. Of course it’s rough around the edges, but its a lot more polished than you would expect from a surprisingly unknown post apocalyptic 80’s Horror short about a dog with a pink Mohawk, a thirst for human flesh and a desire to one day smoke crack.

If Street Trash was Star Wars, this film would’ve happened in it's expanded universe. The film actually stars Vic Noto, who had a noteworthy appearance in Street Trash, alongside Daniel O'Shea, who did not have a noteworthy appearance in Street Trash (or anything else he was in.) Both actors really kill it in this one though.

The basic premise of the film is that the world is in shambles after the stock market crashes. Punks roam the streets looking for trouble, stockbrokers are reduced to drugs and poverty, drug dealers are kings and dogs are more than just human companions. A dude and his dog, Tito, decide that they’re going to rob a crack dealer to fund the dude’s tuition for art school, the dog agrees to go along for the home invasion if the dude lets him smoke some of the crack they steal. The dude shows up at the crack house with a shotgun and unloads on the dealer while Tito tears apart his henchman. The only person they spare is a fiend. Unfortunately for the dude, Tito chooses crack over friendship in the end and they split up.

It’s really well put together. You get a dystopian feel from the foggy streets and run down sets. They’re not even really extravagantly put together sets or anything either, just a grimy apartment for the most part. There’s not a lot of characters but each person you’re introduced to is great. Tito’s owner is a believable punk, the henchman and crack dealer make for great post apocalyptic drug pushers, the Wall Street fiend was slimy and pathetic, and Tito the dog was pretty incredible for a puppet/dog.

Crack Dog is really worth checking out for any horror fan. It’s definitely got some sort of tie to Street Trash, even if it was just heavily inspired by it, that I’m going to have to do some investigative work to uncover, the appearance from Vic Noto has to be more than a coincidence. For a five minute short, it certainly feels like it’s much longer. It fills the five minutes with action and chaos.

The film can be found on the “Cutting Moments” VHS alongside three other shorts that you’ve probably never heard of and of course Cutting Moments. For a more in depth look at the film, check out our video review.


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