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onsdag 7 mars 2018


Artist: Corprophemia
Released: 2016-03-11
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Runtime: 30:28

Corprophemia, the death metal beast from Ontario returns. Following up their 2007 full length Arrived In Pieces its been awhile. The long time lapse has resulted in line up changes and a definite change in direction and style of the band. Arrived In Pieces was a brutal death metal release in the vein of stuff such as early Cannibal Corpse, early Dying Fetus, Deeds Of Flesh, Mortal Decay, Lividity, Devourment, Visceral Disgorge etc. Abhorrogenesis follows a completely different profile, its still brutal as all hell but they've up the technical aspect of things and made the style darker and less gore soaked.

I loved the drumming on 'Arrived In Pieces', the sound, the fills, it all stood out on the release for me. With Abhorrogenesis the songs and vocals are variably different. The drumming still rips and sounds much more mature plus the vocals have changed from the deep guttural growling style of say early Chris Barnes or Joe Ptacek (R.I.P.) to a more demonic and agonizing sound. The Production is upped on all accounts making the progression evident and outstanding.

Corprophemia most recently took part in a five way split from CDN Records titled 'Quinte Essentials Of Brutality Vol 1' which was also released in 2016 and sees the bands sound getting rawer with even sicker and guttural vocals. Jason Longo certainly knows how to smash those skins, I love listening to the guy do his magic on Abhorrogenesis. Brian Mcmanus has this insane unmistakable vocal style and Franky D'Alimonte and Mat Lemmon shred the guitars with a techinial prowess like none other. With Abhorrogenesis they have certainly earned thier technical death metal merit badge.

Guitarist Franky D'Alimonte also has another brutal death metal/grindgore project titled 'Existential Dissipation' which also deserves a listen. Bob Shaw from the godly brutal death grind band Cuff does the vocals and if you've never heard Cuff you just discovered another merciless Canadian death grindgore machine. With so much talent flaying around its great to see Canada still pushing out some incredible material to the crazed masses.

Abhorrogenesis is 11 tracks of unmistakable dark brutality with a technical edge. With a unique sound and approach Corprophemia deliver some memorable songs such as the opener 'The Descent', 'Coalesce The Human Condition' and one of my favorites titled 'I Am Free' plus they even slow it down for some mid tempo carnage in 'Divine Creation'. I even get a hardcore/punk edge mixed in with some musical styling especially on 'Coalesce The Human Condition'. The vocals also take on a similar hardcore esque style in a lot of instances. Overall some very cool mixtures of different brutality to result in one coherent and monster of a release displaying amazing relentless and breakneck brutality. By scanning social media I've read Corprophemia have plans for a 2018 release and lets hope it happens with some new savage and exciting material.


Band members:
Franky D'Alimonte - Guitars
Mat Lemmon - Guitars
Matt Kelly - Vocals
Jason Longo - Drums

Label: CDN Records
Country: Canada



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