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lördag 17 mars 2018


Directed by: Jochen Stephan, Hermann Weller,
Written by: Jochen Stephan
Stars:  Jochen Stephan, Hermann Weller, Michael Melzer, Michael Geier, Sven Vogel, Melanie Vogel, Sylvia Rauschenberger, Melanie Steffen, Stephan Link

Country: Germany
Style: Extreme
Runtime: 1h 24min

Here lies a couple of the most influential low-budget German splatter films to ever grace the small screen. Long cherished by underground gore movie fans from across the globe the Blutnacht double bill has been heralded along the lines of Andreas Schnaas 'Violent Shit' and early Olaf Ittenbach stuff like 'Black Past'. The only difference is that this shit is so underground you have to go further down into the underground to get at it. Blutnacht has long been championed by splatter freaks and revered by German authorities alike.

Director and Blutnachts guru Jochen Stephan is the main demented mind behind Blutnacht and the guy is super nice, informative and so down to earth about the whole thing. He is easy to reach as I have conversed with him over social media and have also interviewed him plus he is a huge fan of underground films himself and I believe this is what makes Blutnacht stand out amongst the herds of other splatter films. Jochen is just as big a fan of splatter as the fans who love Blutnacht, probably more because he has an enormous collection himself and he is ultra cool about helping other collectors obtain hard-to-find titles or in some cases providing copies to them himself.

The original 'Blutnacht: Die Rache des Dämon' was released in 1999 originally but was confiscated by authorities and banned. After an investigation Stephan was given back copies of the film and re-released them in 2002 along with a better quality sequel for a double dropkick to the nuts to stick it to the man. Both films are charming in their own right and its easy to see the appeal to splatter fans as they are loaded with over the top gore and even if they are a bit rough around the edges this further cements their gruesome appeal in the annals of splatterdom.

Blutnacht was filmed when Jochen was the ripe old age of 18/19 years old so his heart was in the right place even if the technical aspects weren't so polished. It was shot on VHS so the quality even on the DVD transfer is murky at best. In this modern age of VHS collectors this style should sit well with most viewers. Both part 1 and 2 are in German without subs but they are still enjoyable to watch, i'm assuming the dialogue is of minimal interest and you can get the jest of it. There have been two english-friendly versions lately, released through OldSkull Videos with subs. But both of my DVD copies I purchased directly from Jochen which he signed as well as posters for each film which he also graciously signed.

From what I can gather part 1 features a couple of friends meeting up to plan a get together with a goofy secret handshake included. After a long intro of Jochen driving and listening to metal music the two friends meet at a pub for a pint and have a chat before parting ways. The group of friends then meet up one night including Jochen whose friend makes a move on his girl. Distraught and pissed off Jochen takes off only to be hilariously hit by a car. He then emerges to be possessed by a demonic force which has him murdering and slaughtering everyone he encounters that night in the countryside.

Blutnacht is shot at night so its really hard to see a lot of whats going on but fortunately we get ample kills and we can competently see the gore clear enough. Lots of knifing, gut pulling, a torso is hacked in half with an ax, a body has gasoline poured on it and burned, a bow saw is used on another victim and we get a cool altar of dismembered body parts in one scene. Not sure if its meant to be humorous but in particular scenes a masked black cloak wearing figure appears to present our killer Jochen with various tools of carnage for the demons use. The masked figure also shows up after a victim has been dispatched and delicately lays a blanket over their dismembered carcasses all to the theme music of the famous wrestler The Undertaker, I shit you not. Its like the cloaked figure is the Paul Bearer character to Jochen's Undertaker.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by: Jochen Stephan
Cinematography by: Sven Vogel
Editing by: Jochen Stephan
Special Effects by: Jochen Stephan
Music by: Troopers, Feindflug, Undertaker Theme
Language: German
Color: Color

Distributor: West Pictures


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