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lördag 17 mars 2018


Directed by: Jochen Stephan
Written by: Jochen Stephan
Stars:  Jochen Stephan, Sascha Baldermann, Verena Köhler, Jan bier, Katja Dietrich, Natascha Köhler, Philipp harr

Country: Germany
Style: Extreme
Runtime: 1h 28min

In Blutnacht 2 we are given much better film quality, actually it's like night and day when comparing the two films. With this one there was better equipment and more experience at the time after completing the original. With this sequel or re-telling we get plenty of more glorious and graphic splatter which spares no detail in its execution. This is the stuff of splatter fans wet dreams and then some.

This story begins with a cult of evil worshiping Cradle Of Filth-fans performing a sacrifice and then drinking blood from the Stanley Cup. A horny couple break away from their fellow cult brethren and decide to fuck in the woods or at least get down to some naughty foreplay. The demon awakens from a loose shrub and offs the couple in normal splatteriffic fashion as the guy is just about to bust a nut on his girlfriends face via fellatio. Later another group of young campers enter the woods for more demon fodder.

There's some nice looking German girls in this one, I was hoping for more nudity but I'll take what I can get. I snickered at how one of the brunette girls in the group of friends is dressed like a total skank about ready to dominate the stripper pole, God bless her heart. We are also treated to some humor with this buffoon-like character who runs around with his ass showing and writing on his arse cheeks reading &I love ham.& This crazy cunt even rapes one of the girls corpses after the demon is finished mutilating it.

This sequel is really the epitome of splatter films and is an item every collector or gore freak needs in their life. Bodies are chainsawed, eviscerated, bisected, impaled, and so fourth nonstop as the demon once again played by towering Jochen Stephan makes his way with loving anatomical destruction through all the unfortunate fucks who cross his path. We even get a scene which shows even demons get the trots, squirts.....whatever you wanna call it as a waterfall of liquid brown poop smothers one poor bi-otch.

Once again we get those technical flaws, non-existent acting and sub par production values but this is splatter and we want gore and if you want blood you got it! Blutnacht 1 and 2 are must see classic splatter-pieces. All bow down and hail Jochen Stephan and the infamous gore monstrosities he has set loose on the unsuspecting world for the gore lovers to lovingly lap up and beg for more. With slim chances at a Blutnacht 3 we should learn to never say never because once the heart is in this passion it will eventually find its way back.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by: Jochen Stephan
Cinematography by: Timo Wetzel
Editing by: Jochen Stephan
Special Effects by: Jochen Stephan
Music by: Troopers, Slayer
Language: German
Color: Color

Distributor: Splattack Pictures


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