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onsdag 7 mars 2018


Directed by: Stephen Biro
Written by: Stephen Biro
Stars:  Ashley Lynn Caputo, Lilly Dickenson, Eigh8t... read more

Country: USA
Style: Extreme
Runtime: 1h 13min

Stephen Biro, the main guru of American distribution company Unearthed Films has for almost 20 years wanted to make a re-make on one of his absolute greatest Japanese favorites in cinematic gore. The original films of Satoru Ogura and Hideshi Hino's Guinea Pig-series were released for the first time on DVD in 2002 by Biros company, which also shows some of his obsession about these films. And 13 years later and with a script in hand, the first movie in a series of eight, would come into use.

The new American Guinea Pig series began its adventure in 2014 with a re-make of the second part 'Flower of Flesh and Blood' (1985), which initially is based on a Manga by the producer and illustrator Hideshi Hino. In the original movie, we see a young woman being kidnapped by a Samurai, who drugs her down with analgesic and cut of her limbs, piece by piece, to finally symbolize her as a flower by some sort.

In Stephen Biros version 'Bouquet of Guts and Gore', he has developed the entire process by adding some more elements. Among other things, the 'bouquet', which in this case means that there are two girls instead of one 'flower', and the Samurai substitutes have been tripled where everyone has each task to perform.

In the original movie you really don't get the idea that it's about a snuff film. I believe that's something the viewer themselves has assumed from its very own style and its infamous reputation, because its angles are just too directed and you can also find some moodful music in it which removes all its credibility. But in this movie, the task is to shoot the victims with an camera which creates the dirty sharpness that's sheltered and you do also see the cameraman in work and I think that's a major development. The found-footage approach added an awesome amount of realism to the whole thing and It really gives you the feeling that you are watching a snuff film. The paused red-screen in between camera shots was very effective as well and I liked this much more than the usual static.

Much of these movies are based on special effects and I have to admit that I'm very impressed. They are made by the gore scene's main champion, and besides Biro himself, we also find effects created by Melanie Dean (HI-8), David Hood, Marcus Koch (100 Tears), Shelby McIntyre (Brainjacked) and Chris Polidoro (Dead Meat). There are a lot of blood flow in this one and sometimes I wondered how a human can survive such a horrific experiment right into the final set. Multiples of mutilations, a few limbs takes off, a jaw gets cut open with a bonesaw and an autopsy starts handling their entrails in a very painful approach and it seems medically impossible for the victim to still be breathing during this ride.

The cinematographer is no other than Jim VanBebber (Deadbeat at Dawn, Manson Family) and he do a great job also here. I've always liked his cool direction of movements and it looks like he got alot of free space to create this kind of atmosphere. The music is made by Kristian Day and Jimmy ScreamerClauz did also fit its environment very well, haunting and creepy as hell.

It's quite clear that these films exists just to disgust and provoke, I haven't yet found any other meaning out of it, and it's probably just about that; you only watch it for the sake of pleasure in gore. And it's very good that there's such a market for those who like to see lots of blood and gore and what impresses me even more is that this kind of market has begun to gain space and create acceptance around the world. Something you never thought was possible twenty years ago.

So, It was four years since 'Bouquet of Guts and Gore' had its premiere and American Guinea Pig is already on its fourth part today and I look forward to seeing the remaining pieces of it. What I have understood, the other films are not so strong based on the original series as this one, maybe they are even more unique then. It remains to be seen!

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by: Stephen Biro
Cinematography by: Jim VanBebber
Editing by: Stephen Biro
Special Effects by: Stephen Biro, Melanie Dean, David Hood,
Marcus Koch, Shelby McIntyre & Chris Polidoro.

Music by: Kristian Day and Jimmy ScreamerClauz
Language: English 
Color: Color

Distributor: Unearthed Films


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