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onsdag 7 mars 2018


Artist: Aborted Fetus
Released: 2017-04-28
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Runtime: 32:17

Primo brutal death metal hailing from Russia as Aborted Fetus violate our ear drums with their brand of punishing and guttural styled fury. The Violent Art Of Torture brings back old school death metal with a clean and crisp production, wicked musical arrangements and a serious over the top gurgling vocal style.

These guys relish in old school brutal death and have a number of releases under their belt. Finding a home on the ungodly Comatose Music roster which is a match made in the burning torture pits of hell.

The Art Of Violent Torture is definitely rooted in old school style but surprisingly is a concept album. When the concept is an album filled with the many forms of torture practiced through the ages the trendy idea of the concept album is now destroyed with merciless ferocity. I love the idea of a brutal death release that explores the many methods of torture and each song title gracefully depicts each barbaric act of cruelty. The song titles speak for themselves in this regard as we get titles like Boiled Alive, Burned At Stake, Hanged On The Hook By The Rib, Breaking Wheel, Pouring Molten Lead Into A Throat and so get the idea.

I think it's amazing that Aborted Fetus have covered torture in its many forms and made a complete brutal death album based on it. The band even give it a more old school touch by throwing in a couple somber instrumental segments which get the atmospheric mood and feeling of dread and despair flowing. Short instrumental tracks such as Awaiting.. and The Last Way give the album that 90's death metal style when bands like Gorguts, At The Gates and Broken Hope used to put melodic instrumentals in amongst the face melting death metal.

If you dig tight, fast and brutal death metal then The Art Of Violent Torture is a welcome addition to your collection. It doesn't explore any new territory but it absolutely devastates existing paths and widens them like a baseball bat violating a hookers rectum. This is pure brutal death and to top it off its about med evil torture, need I say more. Aborted Fetus keep tightening up and perfecting the style, looking back on pure old school death metal, bands like this have advanced the genre by staying true and will entice those fans that still crave pure punishing death metal.


Alexander Meatgrinder - Guitar
Sergey - Bass
Igor - Vocals
Sergey Hammer - Drums

Label: Comatose Music
Country: Russia



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