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onsdag 14 februari 2018

TORMENT (2017)

Directed by: Adam Ford
Written by: Likov Mitoloskih
Stars: Matteo De Liberato, Stefano del Biondo... read more

Country: Italy | Hungary
Style: Extreme | Thriller
Runtime: 1h 15min

The name Domiziano Christopharo is synonymous today when you think of modern horror. The Italian maestro has his hand in some of the most provocative and challenging modern horror films being released currently. Whether he's directing, shooting or producing, Christopharo's passion and eye for only the finest in pushing the envelope then ripping it to utter shreds films is jaw dropping. He's the producer of a little film called Sacrifice which any self respecting horror fan might also know as American Guinea Pig 4: Sacrifice, director of the mind fucking stomach turner Doll Syndrome and cinematographer/producer of this little diatribe of sexual torment simply and effectively titled just that... Torment.

Shot for $10, 000 U.S. and filmed in Hungary, this Italian production is an agonizing and unrelenting trip in sustaining sexual torture and a disturbing look into the rituals of a perverted clown killer. Inspired by the real life serial killer John Wayne Gacy it appropriately displays some of the most graphic and over the top violations on film in years. Using a simple formula, a couple base characters, practically no dialogue unless you count the heavy breathing and moaning of the killer as he anally violates his hapless victims. Torment is a stripped down bare bones art/gore/torture film but it boasts a European charm and flair with the rustic location and the camera work is phenomenal going from dank and dark rooms to bright reds to the sunlight shining into the neglected home/torture chamber.

We are first introduced to a male character who wakes up naked on a bed in a house along side another male. The guy quickly gets up and starts searching the house for anything valuable he can find such as drugs, money etc. Soon to his horror he discovers another battered and bloodied man bound and gagged in a room. Misfortune finds him as he is also tied up and subjected to various degradation and torture but not before the other guy gets the worst of it.

Forced anal sex, sado masochistic torture by stabbing while being sexually penetrated, severed head oral sex, some of the most graphic camera angles and intimate scenes of a mans rectum getting punctured and penetrated violently close up with fingers, bottles, spoons only to prolapse and spew blood. The camera points of view during these scenes are some of the most bothersome put on film and this could quite possibly be one of the most graphic sexual horror entries ever concocted.

The killer wears a clown suit coinciding with the Gacy reference but we don't get much background on him, he's just a perverted fuck acting out his deepest and darkest fantasies. Torment is more about those vicious acts and the style in which they are portrayed more so than an in depth background story. It weaves a simple story and has more focus on visceral eye ball disintegrating horror. Brave path finding director Adam Ford has brought this vision to life and the indie horror world will never be the same due to its inception. Ford's background involves adult movies and he uses some rather graphic and up close angles to get his point across in Torment. Not only does he get the point across he also bludgeons you over the head repeatedly until the blood runs down into your eyes causing a river of red to wash over you.

Torment is one of the most challenging and controversial films to be released in years, its relentless and brutal. An unnerving and unforgettable experience you can't unsee, it pushes and breaks through the boundaries of what horror is supposed to be. Containing graphic scenes of male genitalia and homosexual acts mixed with such intense material its bound to be one of the most challenging to watch films ever. It should also be added that Martin Trafford stands for the graceful artwork on the DVD. Just that simplicity makes one want to watch the whole movie. Much respect to Christopharo, Ford and crew for going so far out of bounds for this one and breaking through that comfort zone of standard horror films and going above and beyond.

My rating: 5 out of 5


Produced by: Domiziano Christopharo
Cinematography by: Domiziano Christopharo
Editing by: Bojan Tadej
Special Effects by: Athanasius Pernath
Music by: Mauro Crivelli
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorThe Enchanted Architect


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