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söndag 18 februari 2018


Directed by: Jakob Bilinski
Written by: Jakob Bilinski
Stars: Bill Gobin, Jim Dougherty, Kayla Crance... read more

Country: USA
Style: Thriller
Runtime: 2h 22min

The legendary underground label Unearthed Films and madman Stephen Biro who's always on the look out for the latest and greatest material from all over the world, did just brought us this ambitious indie product from 2014, directed by Jakob Bilinski. It really has an impressive camera work (It won an award at The Mayday Film Festival) and an eye for weaving an impressive story with lots of twists and turns.

It's been said Three Tears On Bloodstained Flesh is a giallo in nature, and in particular aspects, this may be true by looking at the camera work, the colors, the dream segments etc. but at the very most the movie doesn't particularly ring out giallo to me beyond this. We have a mysterious masked killer, a town with a dark secret, lots of flashing colors but that element the Italian productions have mastered is the music which isn't prevalent here and it may sound petty of me, but personally it's an important under estimated element. Unearthed released another film titled Francesca which understood the importance of this along with other necessities and elements including the closes ups of the eyes, the gloved killer, the presence of particular visuals.

This one's a different and bold approach for Unearthed Films to take on - it isn't particularly graphic or gory compared to other titles on its roster, it's more like a mainstream style indie production. These are not bad things of course and it's great to see an indie production made with such flair, ambition and class - it's very inspiring. The over two hour run time also gives the movie a gradual release of build up to that final outcome. I felt the run time could have possibly been trimmed down a bit but I also understand the point of view of wanting to deliver an uncompromising vision with all elements intact to fully encompass an involving story line.

Three Tears On Bloodstained Flesh tells the story of a man named Dominic who seems to have a less than desirable relationship with his daughter Kendell (Kayla Krance) where both drop frequent f bombs at each other. We learn from the beginning that Dominic is one hell of a shit kicker and easy to boil over with rage in most tense situations. Dominic gets news that his niece Lexie (Sidney Shripka) has died and quickly seems distraught over the news so he packs up with Kendell and travels to the small town, a place where he has history with. Dominic is on a mission to find out what happened to his niece and refuses to let anyone stand in his path. His worst enemy unfortunately is himself and even more so the sleazy sheriff of the town Rex Drisko (Jim Dougherty) in a despicable yet humorous role as his character possesses some great lines.

I really enjoyed Bill Gobin's character in this, he is a bad ass and you enjoy cheering him on, I was hoping he was just going to burst into town and start busting heads, but he meets a lot of different challenges and opposition physically and emotionally. I definitely wouldn't classify this as horror - It's more of a thriller/suspense film which happens to contain some extreme violence, but nothing jaw dropping to a veteran gore buff wh. The effects are good but my only complaint in this department is the use of some CGI in a particular climatic scene involving some bullet hits - and my question is why, oh why? I would have much rather seen squib bullet hits or some sort of practical prosthetic-effects work any day.

I enjoyed watching it, because it's memorable, delivers some nice plot-twists and is a well made film overall. It held my interest for its running time and really builds the plot, tension and story line with its impressive two hour plus running time. Jacob Bilinski who also makes an appearance in this as the character Micah has sparked my attention and shows some real talent with this one and it's no surprise because I remember his involvement with The Volumes Of Blood Anthology and I also noticed some other familiar faces in this one from that film including Kristine Renee Farley who does the effects in this and who was also in the memorable film by Nathan Thomas Milliner titled A Wish For The Dead.

Three Tears On Bloodstained Flesh is for those indie film fans that are looking for something a little more than gore and violence, it focuses on building a great story, those nice plot-twists is delivered in a nice well shot package. I can see the potential in it and accept it with open arms.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


Produced by: Jakob Bilinski, Bill Gobin
Cinematography by: Jakob Bilinski, D.P. Bonnell
Editing by: Jakob Bilinski
Special Effects by: Kristine Renee Farley, Kourtnea Hogan, Megan Leavitt, Sidney Shripka
Music by: MChristopher John De Mory
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorUnearthed Films


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