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söndag 11 februari 2018


Is this the year where the much-discussed anthology The Profane Exhibit finally gets its release? One may hope so. We've been waiting for this moment ever since the last promised release back in 2014. And the rumors tells us that they've finally starting to get it to the final core.


The Profane Exhibit is possibly the most notorious extreme film-anthology of history. People, as well as journalists and reviewers around the world have already seen small fragments and withdrawals from the movie, but the whole has remained untouched.

The project took shape in 2011 when producer Amanda L. Manuel and director Michael Todd. Schneider (MaGgotfilms) approached to make his first short film. Amanda and Michael filmed a segment titled "Manna". The project began to roll after they associated Masters of Horror writer Scott Swan on the development of several segments for the film based on Amanda's story concept and a wrap around its script signed by author Ray Garton. In March 2012 it was announced that even Uwe Boll had completed a short to the anthology as well.

More and more directors got wrapped together from the underground movement and together they created the anthology that would later become famous as The Profane Exhibit, a film that, after 5 years of silence, has not yet been able to see the light. It has gone so long that users on internet are blaming it for being a hoax, that it will never be released and that it is just a joke by the so-called producers to create an internet legacy that has no substance in reality.

But hopefully this will be the year we've all been waiting for, since the bigger channels has blown up the discussions again and been telling us that this year it will finally be finished, reworked and published.

The following segments are said to be:

Ruggero Deodato - "Bridge"
Anthony DiBlasi - "Mother May I"
Marian Dora - "Mors in Tabula"
Andrey Iskanov - "Tochka"
José Mojica Marins - "Viral"
Ryan Nicholson - "Goodwife"
Yoshihiro Nishimura - "The Hell Chef"
Michael Todd Schneider - "Manna"
Sergio Stivaletti - "Tophet Quorom"
Nacho Vigalondo - "Sins of the Father"

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