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onsdag 14 februari 2018


Directed by: Nathan Hine
Written by: Nathan Hine
Stars: Kayla Lander, Nathan Hine

Country: USA
Style: Drama | Short
Runtime: 16min

Director and writer Nathan Hine is probably one of the most passionate and dedicated individuals into the art of gore cinema you will ever meet. Hine has a blog on YouTube called Hardgore Core reviews where he features different gore films and gives his two cents on them. Donning his trademark assortment of ski masks Hine enlightens all those about the world of film gore. Hine has also started an elite gore group on Facebook which goes by the same moniker of Hardgore Core which I am a member of. Hine has also dabbled in different extra's roles in different movies over the years such as Alexander Sharglaznov's Zombie Infection, Traces Of Gore, Ron Bonk's House Shark, Fred Vogels The Interview and more. It was only a matter of time for his hobby to get serious and create some celluloid gore of his own.

With the help of fellow dedicated "Primo" gore fiend and friend Darren Ricci, The Last Days Of Livermore has been created. Honorable mentions must be given to Jake Frye for the splashy gore-effects and to Will England and David Jannarone for its haunting, memorable and very effective music. It may seem silly to some but I believe a proper soundtrack can open up a whole new set of doorways to making a movie experience that more powerful and in this case the score really takes this short film up a notch. The camera work by Hine and Ricci is really awesome as well as they take full advantage of their haunted surroundings, an old cemetery in their home state of Pennsylvania. We get plenty of interlaced shots of beautiful yet haunting forests, foggy and misty surroundings and different landscapes which add a haunting beauty.

The story seems straight forward but is actually not so simple once you realize what is actually going on. The movie has a couple played by Hine and Kayla Lander who are making their way to The Livermore Cemetery, a place which seems to have some deep meaning for the couple. Hine is noticeably distant as the two walk to the cemetery. Then the events that unfold between the couple are bizarre, gory and visually appealing to the gore hound. At first glance I was wondering why Hine's girlfriend is ripping herself apart and then it finally kicked in about the more supernatural essence the movie was taking on.

There is minimal dialogue but the two cast members give competent enough performances. The short is definitely not flawless and it relies on more atmosphere, scenery shots and music more so than concentrating on characters or clever dialogue. It's simple and effective and delivers some great gore but when Lander is ripping into herself the noticeable flinging of buckets of blood sort of make it cheesy and overkill.

Hine is working on another upcoming film titled The Sideling Hill which looks like another atmospheric and chilling gore piece. In the case of The Last Days Of Livermore and the trailers for the upcoming Sideling Hill, the location is really used in such an effective and impressive manner. Hine and co. have really taken their love for the genre and are putting hard work into creating impressive films themselves.

I highly recommend checking out The Last Days Of Livermore and The Sideling Hill by contacting Nathan Hine or his alter ego Harry Collins on Facebook. It's impressive low-budget indie filmmaking worth your time.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by: Nathan Hine, Darren Ricci
Cinematography by: Nathan Hine, Darren Ricci
Editing by: Nathan Hine
Special Effects by: Jake Frye, Darren Ricci, Nathan Hine
Music by: Will England, David Jannarone
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorHardgore Core Productions


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