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tisdag 20 februari 2018


Directed by: Dakota Bailey
Written by: Dakota Bailey
Stars: Dakota Bailey, Darien Fawkes, Natasha Morgan... read more

Country: USA
Style: Crime
Runtime: 49min

Low budget indie film maker Dakota Bailey is back to warp our world with his latest installment of trashy urban drama and debauchery. Hot off the heels of his previous release American Scumbags Bailey once again dives head first into an urban nightmare of characters with questionable morals, addictions and disease. Much like Bailey's previous work American Scumbags and My Master Satan The Acid Sorcerer is shot in similar fashion so if you enjoyed those two films then you know what to expect with The Acid Sorcerer.

We are introduced to a number of different bottom dwelling characters including director Dakota Bailey as Smoke, a junkie who's also addicted to murder and also happens to have a dark alter ego which commands him to commit vicious crimes and partake in hard drug use. We then get a drug addicted couple Crawdad (Darien Fawkes) and Vermina (Natasha Morgan) who need a fix so bad they resort to desperate measures by whoring out Vermina who also happens to be pregnant. The dealer Eyevin (Brian Knapp) is a sadistic low life piece of shit and willingly takes advantage of the poor fuckers buying drugs off him. The most bizarre character is Nikki, a cross dressing snuff film maker who sells her/his/it's snuff footage to Eyevin in exchange for a fix. Finally we get prostitute Ecstasy (Selene Velveteen) who has contracted HIV.

We cycle through each of the characters lives in the movie, most who meet an unfortunate demise as you would expect. The Acid Sorcerer finds Bailey progressing with his films but American Scumbags is probably still my favorite from him because it really focused on more dark humor and provided some interesting scenarios.

The Acid Sorcerer is definitely a darker film and its Dakota Bailey carrying on his signature style of black and white filming and his regular cast which grace most of his work. I really enjoyed the music in this one by Ramesses, it was this doomy/sludge/stoner type stuff and it really suited the movie and worked well with the overall feeling and atmosphere.

There's lots of dark and violent material in this one but it seems rather subdued in some scenes, I really want to see more onscreen violence and bloodshed to really bring that intense, in your face vibe home. The Acid Sorcerer has great content and ideas and with the right flow and execution I feel Bailey can really achieve his film making goals. Bailey's existing fans will eat this one up as the signature style is present and alive and well. If you enjoy, trashy, dirty and grimy films then this tale of murder, drug addiction and violence is for you. Let The Acid Sorcerer take control of your conscious and blow your mind.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by: L.B., Sebastian Oake and Dakota Bailey
Cinematography by: Dakota Bailey
Editing by: Dakota Bailey
Special Effects by: Dakota Bailey
Music by: Ramesses
Language: English
Color: Black & White

DistributorR.A. Productions


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