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tisdag 20 februari 2018


Directed by: Joe Meredith
Written by: Joe Meredith
Stars: Joe Meredith, Cidney Meredith, Toby Johansen

Country: USA
Style: Sci-Fi | Short
Runtime: 25min

Joe Meredith is a great illustrator who recently made cover-artworks for various dvd-convuluts. If he feels familiar, you may know him through his illustrations for Phil Stevens's movies Lungs I-II and Flowers, or Yan Kaos Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death. But he has also made logos to various movie-related pages, in addition to Twisted Minds, you may recognize his style in Extreme Horror Cinema's latest logotype and The Insomnia Collective, where he is involved in as one of three really talanted artists.

South Mill District recently had its premiere, and it's Joe Meredith's debut movie. Perhaps in time, one might think, given his quite distinctive style and his open attitude to free art. But it certainly feels like a movie that has exploded and his entire Sci-Fi concept and his clear H.R Giger-inspired style are clarified in this short film - It's exciting to see his evolution from the pencil to a vibrant, living and moving image format.

The plot isn't that advanced even though the suggestive part can sometimes make sense. But it's all about the aftermath of a former alien-war and we have been sent ten years in advance and the line between human and alien is very blurred. And now we are following Drennan (Joe Meredith) and Luci (Cidney Meredith), two vagrants who were once subjects of a dangerous experiment involving the assimilation of alien and human DNA.

It's unnecessary to tie up with details when the movie is no longer than 25 minutes. I leave it for the viewer, but I like the contrast of the movie, when he actually shows his drawings that inspired him to the actual movie. Sometimes one can think that Joe has found himself in a trans psychosis while he has produced all his characters. I get the feeling that he is sitting on the floor and drawing, and suddenly his creations creep into a living form and disturb him in his everyday life. It's really surreal and fun and that contrast is so striking to me.

I appreciate that the movie lacking real dialogues, and instead of that, Joe presents the story with a narration-voice and it's very pleasant in particular to the tranquil nature and its clear photo with all the beautiful close-ups. There are many industrial and forest areas to take part in, and that's a big plus if you're very much concerned with urban exploration etc.

If you're looking closely at all prostheses and their practical special-effects, you'll find similarities to James Bell's movies, mostly known as director of Tantrum and Nutsack, that's because he has participated in this movie together with Toby Johansen (Hacksaw, Backyard Vampire), and besides the effects, Toby also plays a small part as Dr. Chris Bottin. They really have produced the surrealistic and disgusting from Joe's drawings and the big-ass alien spider gave me shivers down the spine. I really like spiders, but when they reach a unnatural size it can truly be uncomfortable, even for us true spider-lovers.

I don't want to forget to say this, but It's very fun to see when Joe's flirting with classic old school styles. Sometimes we can see a glimpse of John McTiernan's magnificent The Preditor (1987), and in addition to Alien, of course, that stop-motion capture returns as in the 1980's cheesy horrors, such as Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator (1985), and that's really something to take care of. I also came to think of Brian Paulin and his effects in Bone Sickness (2004), but it may be because they work the same sort of way.

To be a debut, Joe has really managed to convey something interesting. It's not very well done, there are many shortcomings, but it's definitely an exercise and experience from where he can develop and just get better. It's not much needed to exert its creativity and I think Joe and co. has performed it blamelessly. I look forward to his next project and wish him all the best.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by: Joe Meredith
Cinematography by: Joe Meredith
Editing by: Joe Meredith
Special Effects by: Joe Meredith, James Bell, Toby Johansen
Music by: Joe Meredith
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorSouth Mill District


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