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torsdag 8 februari 2018


Directed by: Gurcius Gewdner
Written by: Gurcius Gewdner
Stars: Lara Albrecht, Amexa, Everson Antunes, Hector B. ... read more

Country: Brazil
Style: Adventure | Fantasy
Runtime: 1h 50min

Coming hot off the heels of Brazilian madman Gurcius Gewdners short Good Morning Carlos we are graced with this continuation of the colorful feces and vomit ridden extravaganza.  Pazucus (Lígia Marina) made an appearance at the conclusion of Good Morning Carlos, she seems to be this amazonian goddess of sorts who  may have the power to rid our main character Carlos (Marcel Mars) of the dreaded curse of the internal demons infesting his shit.

I really enjoyed Good Morning Carlos because it was humorous, the camera work was beautiful and it was just a crazy film of a guy running around screaming and puking every color of vomit you can think of while licking these disgusting looking pieces of human shit on these rocks in a river. Pazucus is equally as impressive but I feel it definitely could have been shorter because although there is never such a thing as too much insanity I found some particular scenes and ideas ran on for much longer than needed.

Pazucus is not for those unfamiliar with this form of bonkers artistic cinema.  I would recommend checking out some of Petter Baistorf's work first or even Good Morning Carlos before you get into this one just so your versed on what type of insanity there is in store.  Pazucus explodes with originality no doubt and saying that a story like this has been told before is definitely not true because the sheer visual style, dialogue and innovative performances contained in this are something you will not see in any other movie.  Pazucus has a style and substance like no other, take Roger Corman, Ed Wood, Jodorowsky and stuff like The Sweet Movie and put it all in a blender and then maybe, just maybe I might be able to begin to explain this.

We get our main character Carlos still wandering around in a vomit sloshing stupor as his doctor is still giving chase trying to kill him.  Actor Marcel Mars reprises playing both roles again of Carlos and the doctor like he did in the original.  The doctors expressions are hilarious and his delusions that every person is Carlos and must die is outrageous and some eccentric and funny shit.  The doc wields this funny looking axe obviously made out of tinfoil plus a butcher knife also made out of tinfoil.  I think my favorite scene with the doc has him pushing around a shopping cart at a market and going on with this insane rambling about buying fruit, fiber and things for a good breakfast to aid in the duty of a bowel movement.

In Pazucus we also get a look into the insides of Carlos as we meet with the turds who are played by people in these funny looking paper mache style costumes.  These turds talk and philosophize with one another before they make their journey through the hole as they call it to cross over to the other world.  We also get a bunch of other people who are partying on the island where everything will go down including Omar (director Gewdner) and his girlfriend Oréstia (Priscilla Menezes).  A couple who are on this insane fueled trip of self discovery and fulfillment with nature until it seems nature turns on them and they vow revenge.  The scenes with these two screaming is absolutely relentless and sometimes ludicrous, they definitely could have been shortened.  I did however enjoy when the couple vow revenge on nature and use more tinfoil weapons with fun sparklers on the ends to dish out their vengeance.

Carlos does eventually meet up with Pazucus in some rather revealing scenes where we see some graphic close ups of Pazucus female genitalia adorned by a runway of thick blonde pubes.  Carlos then goes through the motions as the shit demons are expelled out his asshole in a flood of color and chaos.  The climax of the film has a good washing of regurgitation  and disgusting bodily fluids.  The Island Of Vomit And Despair is just that but if you dig original, unique and utterly insatiable indie film making with a flair for the bizarre then this one has your name written all over it.  The filming style I really enjoyed with all the different color frames, the 80's music is a huge departure from some of the usual metal stylings I've heard in Gewdner's association with Petter Baistorf's collaborations in the past but it works, its just strange listening to a Fleetwood Mac song on here.

This one would be great to see with an audience in a theater to get all the different reactions. Gewdner definitely has his own unique vision and will stop at nothing to achieve it.  I believe with Pazucus he has done this and I admire what he has brought here without compromise.  I hope he keeps his fresh and fucked up visions alive and look forward to checking out what further celluloid insanity he concocts in the future.  For now bask in the over the top revelry that is Pazucus: The Island Of Vomit And Despair.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


Produced by: Cavi Borges, Gurcius Gewdner
Cinematography by: Gurcius Gewdner, Marcel Mars, Pablo Pablo, Flávio C. Von Sperling
Editing by: Gurcius Gewdner
Special Effects by: Gurcius Gewdner
Music by: Petter Gossweiller, Excria Reverbera, Lucas Rossetti, Anna White
Language: Portuguese
Color: Color

DistributorBulhorgia Productions


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