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måndag 26 februari 2018


Written by: Stephen Romano
Inked by: Michael Broom
Colored by: Fatboy

Country: USA
Style: Comics
Pages: 36 pages/each issue

A comic adaptation of the Godfather Of Gore's classic Zombie motion picture. The question is, who would buy a retelling of a movie they hold dear to their blackened hearts as told page by page in a comic book? The answer is quite simple of course, those fans who thirst for new Fulci material no matter the format and the response this series has gotten especially since its the first big launch from Shawn Lewis's Eibon Press speaks for itself. The run of the original issue completely sold out and will no doubt be an Ebay scalpers dream. The original issue had 1000 copies of signed and unsigned editions and due to the overwhelming response Eibon Press released a reprint of the first issue and upped the print runs from 1000 to 2000.

Being a comic fan since I was a kid I haven't bought any in years but the flagship Zombie comic series was something I latched on to because its done so well. The format is every collectors dream and Eibon have created their own signature cardboard sleeves for each of their books. They have included various bookmarks, trading cards, stickers, signed signature prints and completely went over the top when delivering issue #4 by releasing an edition with a 5" vinyl recording of the Zombie movie theme.

Eibon Press have realized they have a niche market for these books and have other titles in the works which will have fans foaming at the mouth such as their current Fulci-series 'The Gates Of Hell' which you obviously know is based on Lucio Fulci's film 'City Of The Living Dead'. Fulci will be revisited in his other noteworthy works such as 'House By The Cemetery' and 'The Beyond'. A whole amazing Fulci-verse which they are calling 'The Saga Of The Seven Gates'.

The 4 part Zombie comic series doesn't end there as they also have a special upcoming fifth issue which has never been done before and will be a sequel with a new look and story. In issue #4 we also get some of the most intense flesh ripping, gut tearing and bloodthirsty zombie carnage ever put into the pages of a comic. Aptly titled 'The Apocalypse Issue' the book takes the story further when our main characters Peter West, Anne and Bryan escape the cursed island of Matool but its already too late as the zombies plague has reached the city shores and turned the streets into an undead battlefield where everything is overrun by hungry hordes of decaying corpses. Good ol' Fulci himself is a character in the comic heading up the army and blasting through the streets with blazing firepower but it all seems futile as almost everyone is eventually ravaged despite their desperate last efforts.

I think for the most part the different direction they took the story line worked while some minor details may not win over Fulci diehards but those who want a revamping of the story and something new and exciting will be pumped for where they went and are going with the series. I like how they introduced the character Biacando and I believe it mixes in well with the voodoo theme which vaguely permeated the film. The comic gets further into the story by adding other elements to flesh it out and bring a meatier body to the story line. We get more insight into the dark past of Dr. Menard's character and Bryan's character who plays more of a tormented ex-green beret.

I'm not sure how I felt about the comics take on the cause for the zombie outbreak, I think the voodoo element was effective but when another cause is brought to the front I thought it was a bit predictable and unoriginal but it does somewhat explain Dr. Menard's motives to a certain extent. The artwork by Michael Broom grows on you and is extremely detailed and graphic to the core with the help of Roughhouse Publishing great Derek Rook (The Dead Omnibus, Gore Shriek Resurrectus, Gates Of Hell). Stephen Romano's talents shine through here because he brings great detail to even minor characters which I enjoyed. You really get a deeper sense of what is going on in the minds of the characters.

Most importantly the series is filled to the brim with detailed rotten to the core gore. All the famous death scenes are here and literally explode on the pages with projectile spurting accuracy. The eye splinter scene is jaw dropping, the zombie vs shark is is a brilliant rendition, Susan's throat biting scene in the cemetery is simply awesome and when Olga gets eaten by the zombies its cringe worthy. I smile at the fact they really borrow the old school style of comics past by including words to explain different sounds from Zombies hissing to them chowing down on a victim.

Eibon Press have some other great material on the horizon besides the Fulci-verse such as a line they are going to be running called VHS comics. VHS comics will feature the movie based books Laserblast and Maniac plus they are doing their own original comic titled Bottomfeeder which hosts a plethora of great real life genre based actors as characters. These zombie comics are done with such detail, love and quality which have been put into them including special Fulci Comics stamped delivery boxes that its a pleasure holding something so cool in your hands realizing all the time and hands on effort its made with. Eibon Press are a company that deserve plenty of support for their passion.


Inks and additional art by: Derek Rook
Guest artist in issue #4: Pat Carbajal
Additional inks by: Gerry Coffey
Executive publisher for Eibon Press: Shawn Lewis
Based on the motion picture directed by: Lucio Fulci

Distributor: Eibon Press


Owner of and writer for Twisted Minds. Combined his love for underground films, music and comics with writing in the 90's. Started tape trading the good stuff around that time when originals of Italian classics by Fulci, Argento, Deodato, Castellari and Margheriti were hard to find. Then came German gore by Ittenbach and Schnaas, Mondo movies and Japanese gore such as Guinea Pig and Men Behind The Sun. Written for Violent Maniacs Cage, Mortados Pages Of Filth, ZFE Films With Attitude, Severed Cinema, Goregasmic Cinema, Pophorror & Extreme Horror Cinema.