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tisdag 13 februari 2018


Artist: Islandrocks
Released: 2018-02-01
Style: Electro, Italo-Disco, Prog Rock
Runtime: 38min

It's finally that time of the week to return to an artist as we already known from last week when we introduced his album Covering Horrors of the Past, and this newcomer can almost be seen as a type of sequel to that one. It follows the same sort of themes, if it isn't even dated in its more correctly modern mastering.

Revisiting Odyssey's Of Horrors is Islandrocks fourth album, yet another tribute to old pioneers from the 70-80's cult- and horror movie composers, and in this one we throw ourselves into a smoke-filled inferno, with dusty metropolitan environments, bombs, grenades, zombie-filled alleys, large green landscapes in the southwest rainforests surrounded by hungry natives, ready to tear your flesh in pieces, to quickly take a turn around in the disco-floor with colorful rollerskating shoes, glittery jackets, wide pants and shoulder pads.

The time is short, but many memories are put in test - As a crazy 80's cineast, you'll recognize every single track that's being played. Everything from Fabio Frizzi, his homeband Goblin, Riz Ortolani, Paul Zaza, The Gibbs Brothers and Franco Micalizzi to name a few of the composores, but you'll also hear an alternative heavy metal tune of The Toxic Avenger II-theme song.

Thomas Nyholm is a real champion to unveil his own interpretations of various movie soundtracks. He has managed to capture a sort of sound image that's easy to recognize and what's even more fun is that he puts his own touch on everything to determine that it's just he who's the artist in front of each performed versions.

Just as Covering Horrors of the Past, you'll experience different versions of some songs, such as the alternative take of Suspiria and a really cool and smoothy Old VHS Cassette Edition of Prom Night as well.

Just like anything else with and by Islandrocks, this is a great recommendation to real music connoisseurs who have the music in the blood and can feel empathy in every little chord that tones out - This is a real nostalgia shock that should be enjoyed in the best possible way.

The album has not yet been physically released, but is available through various digital music services, such as Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.


Band members:
Thomas Nyholm - Everything

Label: Independent
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: https://islandrocks.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/islandrocks Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/islandrocksmusic/


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