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torsdag 22 februari 2018

IN FURS (2016)

Directed by: Christopher Bouchie
Written by: Christopher Bouchie
Stars: Sarah Schoofs, Vito Trigo, Rachel Rose Gilmour... read more

Country: USA
Style: Thriller
Runtime: 1h 01min

King Of The Witches guru Christopher Bouchie put some blood, sweat, tears and possibly other bodily fluids into his directorial debut which he also wrote. A well known staple in the VHS scene and more recently partnering up with online reviewer Crack Sizzlack doing YouTube movie reviews for exactly four minutes and twenty seconds. Bouchie has said that film making is probably one of the hardest things he's ever done and can be quite the soul sucking experience, but in the end if people enjoy the finished product all the bullshit is forgotten and satisfaction is derived from all the dedication of the crew and approval from the viewers.

In Furs is a poignant urban tale of drug abuse and severe delusional behavior. It's equal parts mind fuck, gritty thriller and savage exploitation horror. The cinematography is extremely accomplished and sets that undertone of darkness using lots of grey color shades and even bright red colors to get an intense atmosphere accomplished. We get some great point of view shots from the drug clouded eyes of the lead character Earl played by Vigo Trigo and the music really adds another layer of depth and unwashable grime that gets under your skin and stays there.

It all starts out with Earl (Trigo) who wakes up in a nice apartment one morning with his girl Molly (Rachel Rose Gilmour) and begins his day like any other as she goes to school. Then, as if taken away by some insane twist of altered reality he wakes up again but this time in a seedy scumbag apartment with some other rough looking girl named Lydia (Sarah Schoofs). Earl completely flips his lid and practically throws the poor naked girl out of his apartment as if she is a complete stranger.

We then find out Earl is a heroin addicted junkie and has been slipping in and out of his mind. To top this all off there seems to be a bad batch of junk on the street which is having some adverse effects on those junkies who are using it. Earl panics and calls up his dealer buddy Victor (Matt Desidario) to drop over and Victor tells him that he is going to quit selling junk, something that Earl doesn't want to hear, he just wants another fix Victor has for someone else so the two have a scuffle and Victor comes out for the worse as he falls and bashes his head on a door handle killing him. Earl is so fucked he starts seeing his dead friend Victor and constantly converses with him throughout the movie and this is probably one of the best things about In Furs. Matt Desidario's role makes this movie and actually adds a humorous angle to the otherwise deep, dark and brutal subject matter, Desidario's performance is pure fucking gold in the supporting role.

Vigo Trigo who has been in some great indie stuff such as Jason Koch's amazing Pig Pen (2015) pours it on again here in a desperate and savage role, he plays Earl with intricate perfection. Earl gets the great idea to go visit Molly even though all signs point to utter fucking disaster he is still on a mission to see her. Lots of haunting visions, the two lead actresses get naked which is a plus and that ending is the icing on the cake as Earl invades Molly's home on a destructive mission which gets even more unfathomable as he learns she is pregnant. The conclusion has some gut churning effects compliments of Gramma Bum Motion Pictures finest Jeffery Husselman.

For the first time in the writer and directors chair Bouchie delivers an expert tale of drug fueled murder, desperation and destruction. In Furs has a lot going for it and no the title is not based on the movie Venus In Furs although there is a reference mentioned to it by Matt Desidario's character in the film. In Furs is a gritty, entertaining and engrossing indie production of the highest caliber and its now available from King of the Witches Home Video so its definitely a must buy for all underground fans who are looking for a film that is equally intelligent as it is gruesome.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by: Evan Makrogiannis, Vincent Trocki, Nate Higley
Cinematography by: Justin Morales
Editing by: Alan Rowe Kelly
Special Effects by: Evan Makrogiannis, Jeffery Husselman
Music by: Scott Appleby
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorKing of the Witches Home Video


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