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fredag 16 februari 2018


Illustrated by: Martin Trafford
Introduced by: Jörg Buttgereit, Phil Stevens, Scott Schirmer
Color: Black/White and full colour re-productions

Country: Australia
Style: Book
Pages: 50

Martin Trafford is one of the most loyal and hardworking Australian artist we've ever had the honor to get acquainted with. He had also the absolute pleasure to have worked for, and alongside, some of the most daring and envelope pushing creatives of our time. He has also made a rapid advance just in recent years together with Joe Meredith and Phil Stevens in The Insomnia Collective. But to get a wider image about who he truely is; Martin started out by studied illustration in the UK under the 60s'psychedelic artist Dudley Edwards. Since qualifying in Illustration in 1995 he have also worked on and off as a freelance illustrator producing pin-up illustrations/ t-shirts and vhs-sleeves.

Over the years he have been involved in a number of projects, among other things he has created artwork extensively for Jörg Buttgereit, and more recently his Captain Berlin comic-books and co-written/ illustrated "Son of Nekromantik" the joint creation of the only official sequel to Nekromantik 2 in comic-book form. He has also had work exhibited in United Kingdom, France, Australia, Madrid and the United States. He was one of the two founding members of The Doodlemanifesto in the UK together with Steve Try. Martin now resides in Australia and concentrates on getting all of his head wrongs down on paper, and so it became - literally!

Hung, Drawn & Slaughtered represent some of the best of Martin Traffords pieces in one collection. Before this book was printed, people keeped asking Martin for various pieces of prints, and since he never had selling his prints before, he decided to do it in a limited book-form. It all started out as a crowdfunding-project to make dreams come true for us diehardgore-core fans - In the great tradition of Movie cover-art & poster books this works as a snapshot in time - a nostalgic look back at when cover-art was paramount to impulse viewers to check out a movie or project. Unlike the mainstream movie market the underground scene is very small and very loyal and much of his work (other than the Arrow Video pieces he has worked with) is only seen by a hand few of us.

This book was limited and individually numbered and signed to 60 hard back- and 35 soft back-covers. It starts with introductory words by German director Jörg Buttgereit (Schramm, Der Todesking, Nekromantik) and ends with a few words from U.S. director Scott Schirmer (Found, Harvest Lake, Plank Face). The book may be considered a little to short with its 50 pages only, but each page contains something that may take up to 15 minutes of one's life and overall it may take about 750 minutes to get ready with it in whole. Yes, I'm deadly serious, because It's easy to get stuck for all colors and rich details each image contains. There are amazingly many pictures that Martin has created in an extremely short period of time. He has been acquainted with very many talented filmmakers of all ages from all over the world, and some of them are among others Joe Stauffer, Fred Vogel, Marian Dora, Kasper Juhl, Nathan Hine, Adrian Baezs, Klayton Deans and Magnus Blomdahl... just to name a few.

Something that might impress many of you is that it also includes the first and ONLY English friendly version of Captain Berlin VS. Fukuda! The original issue of it was done by Weissblech Comics in October 2013. It's truely awesome to see Martin got the opportunity to make his own artwork to it. Otherwise we do also see lots of promotion-stuff he has done for Black Lava Entertainment, ToeTag Pictures and Arrow Videos etc.

When I spoke to Martin recently, I really wished that he would make a second volume of Hung, Drawn & Slaughtered, and with his speed, it doesn't take long before it's out on the market - No, that's not a promising, it's a feeling, and if I know him right he's definitely sitting on something right now. I suppose the book has been sold out for a long time now, but If you ever get the opportunity to take look in this book, don't hesitate. It's pure magic to the eyes, full of crisp color and detailed patterns.




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