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torsdag 8 februari 2018


Directed by: Domiziano Cristopharo
Written by: Domiziano Cristopharo
Stars: Domiziano Arcangeli, Irena Violette... read more

Country: USA
Style: Arthouse | Drama | Mystery
Runtime: 1h 40min

Italian visionary, director and producer Domiziano Christopharo delivers his debut House Of Flesh Mannequins in 2009 and starts opening up a path of art-house/indie cinema upon the unsuspecting public. With a penchant for subversive and surreal themes matched with a refinement for details and the ability to bring subtle undertones of violence and romance to realization. Christopharo mixes the beauty with the savagery and bizarre broken characters which leave their tortured souls on the screen. Christopharo has recently been busy creating some of the most controversial and challenging films to grace the screen such as producing the upcoming movie Torment , producing American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice and directing Doll Syndrome and Red Krokodil.

Co-producer and star Domiziano Arcangeli gives the main character Sebastian a wonderfully miserable essence in House Of Flesh Mannequins, his performance is the main show piece here. This accompanied by the inquisitive nature of his relationship with Sarah which I will talk about again later. Sebastian is a seriously tormented man who goes throughout his life a slave to the darker desires of his psyche. A twisted path which was instilled on him since his disturbing childhood where his father conducted bizarre sleep deprivation experiments on him. Sebastian was also filmed during these experiments and learned to look at film both in video and picture format as a means of escaping his miserable existence and his alternate reality.

House Of Flesh Mannequins is a bizarre offbeat film and there is no doubting this but if your looking for a different indie movie experience, one devoid of the same redundancy of many genre films Mannequins offers this style of art house yet still wallowing in more subtle graphic themes particularly that of a scene of implied child pornography and smut peddling plus we get some borderline pornographic sequences. Sebastian takes photographs of accident scenes in his spare time and sells them to a a sleazy character who offers all sorts of perversions to willing clients. Lots of disturbing content here but I feel it never goes overboard in its delivery in that of effects make-up but we do get some real scenes of self mutilation. It should also be noted that future director of Sacrifice, Poison Rouge also makes a debut appearance in this.

House Of The Flesh Mannequins tells the story of Sebastian, an obviously mentally unstable fellow who resides in an apartment building (which we find out later in the film he is the landlord of) and goes about his daily rituals of living his fantasies out on film, the only thing he is able to relate and feel comfortable with. Social interaction is not Sebastian's strong suit until a young girl who lives in the apartment building with her father catches his eye. The girl Sarah (the beautiful Irena Violette) and her odd father (played by exploitation genre vet Giovanni Lombardo Radice, star of some little films you may have heard of such as Gates Of Hell, House On The Edge Of The Park, Cannibal Apocalypse and A Day Of Violence) becomes amused by Sebastian's shy yet fascinating demeanor.

Sebastian and Sarah start an unusual relationship even when Sebastian lets Sarah into his apartment showing her his world of bizarre and explicit images. Sarah is appalled by what she views in Sebastian's apartment but at the same time she is also intrigued and the couple form a friends relationship. Sebastian also takes a visit to a theater of the bizarre which contains different performers taking part in various acts, mostly sexual such as penetration, masturbation etc. The movie is told in three acts including an epilogue and a prologue, it also seems that this theater Sebastian visits is known as The House Of The Flesh Mannequins where multiple people are on display.

A deep, dark and thought provoking experience. This is a depressing venture which dredges through the murky and dank existence of those tormented by their past and those whose morals are twisted and just need a little push to take them over the edge while in the presence of like minded individuals. Enter into the House Of Flesh Mannequins for a premium slice of extreme art-house horror.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by: Domiziano Christopharo, Domiziano Arcangeli
Cinematography by: Mirco Sgarzi
Editing by: Alessandro Giordani
Special Effects by: Federico Carretti, Dr. de Mentia, Michael Del Rossa, Ericka N. Hanger, Alessandra Romani
Music by: Kristian Sensini
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorEmpire Films | Elite Entertainment


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