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onsdag 28 februari 2018


Directed by: David Chopping
Written by: David Chopping
Stars:  David Chopping

Country: Australia
Style: Short
Runtime: 10min

David Chopping has always been one of a kind. He doesn't care about what other thinks of him, he's always up for free thoughts and freedom of expression, and that's some of his best and perhaps strongest qualities, one of those I fell for at least. He has always stood up for everything and everyone, and he's perhaps best known for his active participation in various movie campaigns on Indie Go-Go and Kickstarter, and especially when it comes to their common forum, yes, I'm talking about Extreme Horror Cinema, which Dave helps Woodenheart with.

A few years ago, Dave started making his own amateur movies with his webcam and put out small clips on YouTube. One-man shows where he played different dysfunctional characters, and maybe it was a way for him to let out different feelings in a way that he otherwise can't open and reach out with the usual way. True artists usually work that way and I think Dave has found that important solution to break away from the hard work of life.

and very right, as it stands on its introduction; "What could possible go wrong? A journey... One man's plight to bring attention self sacrifices by Underground Filmmakers. Preparations... Confrontation... Aftermath of..." - twisted ideas.

Fuck the Shot Glass, Skull the Bottle is Davids third short film and in this one he plays his alter-ego Splat, who has a duty to get through a challenge created by his own obsessions. As a sort of own-made perk from a campaign he will sacrifice his own stupidity for director Phil Stevens and his movie LUNG II (2016), by drinking Worcestershire Sauce, a sauce whose name can not even be pronounced without making someone angry. But after a while Splat can't control his obsessions, he constantly comes up with new ideas to the perk and soon things start to go very wrong.

If you know David personally, or have familiarized with him through the world of horror cinema, I absolutely think you should appreciate this short film - Then you know exactly what you will be expected. But as a stranger outside the frame, you'll probably not understand a damn thing about this.

Besides his very own life and its documentary style in whole, he has also received inspiration from lesser-known underground directors such as Michael Todd Schneider (Let's Make a ... Horror Movie), Ronny Carlsson (Récompence) and Vin Price (Tough!) and with a total budget of $ 2.91, this is totally agreed.

I really enjoy David's flattering ideas. They are so spontaneous and universal to him. I can see how he's getting lost in the bright morning sun in Australia, walks around the house with his fluffy rabbit slippers and all of a sudden; WOR CEST HER SHIIIRE SAUSCE!!! DAMN I GET AN IDEA!! THANK YOU PHIL!!... and that's what I love with you Dave. Thanks!

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by: David Chopping
Cinematography by: David Chopping
Editing by: David Chopping
Special Effects by: David Chopping
Music by: none
Language: English
Color: Black & White

Distributor: Mentalhead Trauma Films


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