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onsdag 28 februari 2018


Directed by: Martin Sonntag
Written by: Martin Sonntag, Bastian Brinch Pedersen
Stars:  Bastian Brinch Pedersen, Rama øzel, Sead more

Country: Denmark
Style: Comedy
Runtime: 1h 16min

As the films tag line says 'something is rotten in the state of Denmark' and in this case it's the hordes of drug fueled undead zombies parading the streets and devouring innocent victims. The idea for Escaping The Dead was conceived from a story in the news which revolved around a man who had his face partially eaten in Miami, Florida. The movie also uses the dangerous street drug Krokodil as the main cause of the outbreak. Director Martin Sonntag told me the film has been five years in the making and cost about 8-9000 Euros.

With over 150 zombie extras present you know you're in for a good old fashioned gore-trip mixed with some humor. Escaping the Dead is an entertaining zombie-film and what it lacks in logic and budget makes up for in style and heart. I know when I saw the trailer Escaping The Dead immediately grabbed my attention. Fortunately this isn't the first time gore has spewed out of the foul gutters of Denmark. Co-stars in this one is Sune Rolf Jensen and Heine Sørensen which both have made some cool indie-films themselves and it was awesome seeing them in this.

Sune Rolf Jensen delivered Slaughter Me Naked which was a cruel/mean spirited and intriguing look at a serial killer. Heine Sørensen was involved in the awesome comedy splatter film Grotesk so you can understand why it's cool they are both in Escaping The Dead. My main complaint about the film is that Jensen and Sørensen aren't in the movie enough.

David, the main character in the film, is played by co-director Bastian A.B. Pedersen who is a marijuana dealer who tends to smoke more than he sells. Him and his partner find themselves in some trouble when they owe their supplier a substantial amount of money. The two bumblers score some cheap drugs which they believe to be cocaine. Once their attempt at robbing a local business is botched they decide to sell the cheap cocaine to patrons at a local dance club. The trouble ensues when the drugs they sell is not cocaine at all but The Krokodil death drug which has been plaguing and infecting the streets. The adverse effects from the drug are turning people into raving lunatic zombies. David must fight his way through the streets of infected just to survive and figure out a way of Escaping The Dead. Wall to wall gore as David blasts his way through the streets and eventually meets up with some other survivors on the outskirts of town at a farm.

Escaping The Dead is a solid indie gore production that is capable of entertaining and has an abundance of well executed gore effects. It doesn't tread on much new ground but it's solid and definitely competent in its execution. It is hands down one of the best indie zombie/gore films in recent memory and I can see it being successful with fans of similar related underground genre offerings. Escaping The Dead doesn't pull any punches, it goes straight for the jugular and the movies title suits it perfectly. Check out this cool zombie shocker from Denmark.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


Produced by: Bastian Brinch Pedersen, Martin Sonntag
Cinematography by: Martin Sonntag
Editing by: Martin Sonntag
Special Effects by: Martin Sonntag
Music by: Rusty Apper
Language: Danish
Color: Color

DistributorDangerous Island Films


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