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tisdag 27 februari 2018

DOOMSDAY 4 (2017)

Edited by: Dani WashDog
Written by: none
Stars: none

Country: Germany
Style: Comedy | Documentary
Runtime: 1h 19min

Doomsday 4 is the superior out of the 2 films as it brings on crazier and more intense material plus the style and editing is slicker than the previous. We get lots of rough porn in this one but fortunately the great humor is still prevalent. One of the most memorable scenes has a chick dildoing her asshole when a piece of poop pops out and the look on her face is priceless and yes poop does come out of there so beware.

The music in one particular porno film assfucking scene is hilarious as we can see another Hershey highway is impaled and shit is smeared on the cock of another guy, he brilliantly gets another girl who is doing nothing useful to suck all the shit off his tool, quick thinking! There is so many other crazy clips on here I have only mentioned some mere drops in the bucket.

There is puking, some sewer swimming in shit, a kid puts a firecracker in his mouth and so on. There is lots of questionable material on here but also some equally genuine funny stuff on the less stomach turning side. We get some horror movie footage, a botched robbery attempt, a show where a bunch of blokes do some questionable challenges and so on, all in good clean fun. Another memorable clip has a guy with a condom on his member (safe sex is key remember!) fucking the muffler of his car. There are scenes of cock torture where a dominatrix uses stiletto heels to impale dicks of willing victims or crush them causing semen and blood to leech out.

Doomsday 3 an 4 have definitely wet my appetite for a need to see even more messed up shit. If you are into mix tapes or even if your not the Doomsday tapes are probably your best bet of entry level material. Personally they are probably something I would be more inclined to watch because it goes for laid back humor and not disturbing executions, animal cruelty and murders.

Yes, there are disturbing and jaw dropping scenes that could possibly alter and melt your brain but in the grand scheme of things they are generally safe, amusing and wacky as hell. I highly recommend contacting Dani WashDog on Facebook and scoring yourself some copies. Light a bat, pound some suds and partake in your Doomsday!

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


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