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tisdag 27 februari 2018

DOOMSDAY 3 (2017)

Edited by: Dani WashDog
Written by: none
Stars: none

Country: Germany
Style: Comedy | Documentary
Runtime: 1h 08min

Mix tapes have been circulating the underground scene for awhile now. Usually a bunch of otherworldly fucked up clips squeezed into one overwhelming single handed viewing experience. They mostly consist of tasteless clips of deviant pornography, animal cruelty, real life accident footage or real life murders/killings sometimes reminiscent of a mondo movie. You can also get bizarre commercials, foreign TV oddities, music videos and pretty much anything that causes a shock reaction in the viewer.

Not being overly familiar with many mix tapes I decided to give Washdog's Doomsday-series a watch to see where and how it fits into the wonderful world of fucked up mix tape footage. Part of the reason I focused in on Doomsday is because I heard they try to focus in on more comedic elements as opposed to other mix tapes out there.

The most infamous mix tape I can think of would be TMDPOPE (The Most Disturbed Person On Planet Earth) which has taken a lot of shit for its creator supposedly using real life footage or sound clips from an actual real life torture/murder of a young girl in an infamous video clip titled The Destruction Of Daisy. I actually purchased TMDPOPE pt.2 quite some time ago and have never watched it.....yet. I believe I bought the version without animal cruelty, this can only be a good thing I'm guessing.

Doomsday 3 features lots of genuine weirdness including songs, funny porn clips, bizarre commercials and some viral clips that I have had the pleasure to see before. I think one of my favorites on here is the claymation Simpsons clip where the whole family is butchered until Marge takes some brutal revenge,a definite must see. We even get the most ludicrous and insane Old Spice commercial I have ever witnessed which incorporates trippy Super Mario elements in it. Another great clip I remember seeing involves the Marvel movie The Avengers and a scene where the Hulk is supposedly fucking the shit out of The Black Widow character.

There is some stuff that will make you wince such as a guy getting earthworms to crawl into his urethra though the head of his dick.The focus here is definitely humor above all and its surprisingly light hearted in terms of actual real gore and death/violence, something that is refreshing. There are only so many times I can wince at another unspeakable Isis execution or footage of a shooting spree in a school.

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My rating: 3 out of 5


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