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onsdag 28 februari 2018


Directed by: Yan Kaos
Written by: Yan Kaos
Stars:  Ame Lee, Yan Kaos, Betty Moreau, Fred Otis

Country: Canada
Style: Extreme | Short
Runtime: 47min

Canadian anarchist DIY-Underground filmmaker Yan Kaos has run his own little race since 2008 with the short film 'Wrong Dose, Bad Reactions' at that time with sole actor Bloody Mary, so it will be his tenth anniversary this year. Congratulation YAN. With several titles on the neck like 'Meat Butcher Baby' and 'Necromance: A Love Story' together with his current wife Nemesis Bathory, Kaos has managed to become a name worth mentioning in our circles. With his movie 'Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death' from 2016, Yan delivers his most goriest low-budget movie and maybe the best part so far and he shall be very proud of it as well.

Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death is about a full moon and the unholy spirits that have been unleashed. An evil apocalypse is possessing people and causing them to do icky things to themselves, such as self-mutilation and there are series with segments that are broken down into smaller pieces with different titles such as 'Diseases And Hell On Earth (God Is A Lie)' and 'Back To Reality'.

The movie plays out as a series of segments with little rhyme or actual reasons, with inspiration of Kaos most sickest mindsets. There are liters of blood spilled, juices puked out and such stuff that can be related to Lucifer Valentines most worst parts in his Vomit Gore-series. The most intense scene features among other Nemesis Bathory (Ame Lee) going through a violent self-abortion in a bath tub - she violently stabs her crotch with a crucifix and the baby plops out only to be decimated before its chance at life. There's also a huge homage for The Necronomicon and his loathsome relationship with religion as Nemesis Bathory deep throats a cross and spews forth a load of blood from the act.

I love this kind of self-assuredness and Kaos shows to us that he has very good experience and a strong will to perform. The special effects are very juicy and wonderfully disgusting to look at and he likes to blend organically effects in a very practical way. While this movie doesn't quite shock in that same instance as his earlier movies, it’s safe to say that it’s Kaos goriest one yet. It's an epitome of his body of work which he has done completely himself with some help from his friends and partner Nemesis Bathory. So if you love D.I.Y Productions and SOV-gore shorts then I recommend this one to you.

Before we end this I have to shout out for artist Joe Meredith who have made that fantastic illustration for the artwork of this movie - It really fits its true nature of pure violent art. Nor should I forget to mention that director Yan Kaos is a multicultiralist, he is doing many fun projects, not least the music he creats, some crazy metal punk up your ass which I will review for you later. He has several different bands and compositions that he produces. So if you think he seems interesting, please contact him on Facebook for more information. I promise you will not be disappointed.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by: Yan Kaos
Cinematography by: Ame Lee, Yan Kaos
Editing by: Yannima Studio
Special Effects by: Ame Lee, Yan Kaos
Music by: Marc Andre Boucher
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorD.I.Y Productions


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