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måndag 19 februari 2018


Directed by: Z. Smith
Written by: Z. Smith
Stars: None

Country: Canada
Style: Arthouse | Documentary
Runtime: 1h 04min

We're really greatful that we just teamed up with Daniel Koehnen, the CEO of Underground Gorellection Films. And as the holder of the worldwide distribution right for the last years movie Befouled, written and directed by Canadian creator Z. Smith, he wanted us to review it.

To simply explain what Befouled is, you can say that It's like an experimental shockumentary, in a similar style of Begotten (1990), Aftermath (1994) and Orozco the Embalmer (2001). You'll also recognize some inspiration by films of lile Kenneth Anger (Fireworks, Eaux d'artifice, Rabbit's Moon) and Nick Zedd (They Eat Scum, Whoregasm, Ecstasy in Entropy etc.)

Video mixtapes have always been essential to fans of extreme cinema. From the Amok: Assault Video (1989) and Video Scrambles of the past to current heavy hitters like the Abortion Bin and Whore Church Mix Tape Vol.1 - clip compilations have served generations with extreme gore since the dawn of home video. As an obvious fan of mixtapes, we was excited when we found out that Befouled was one and that we would be reviewing it.

So what have we learned from this then? Befouled, as a mixtape, isn't really anything new. It touches the typical bases such as dead animals, dead people and surgical footage. But what we think sets it apart from most other video mixtapes is it's droning electronic score, which sort of sucks you in and makes it easier to stare at the blobs of light that morph and mutate on the screen and the things that would normally be rough to sit through, and sometimes it also reminds us a bit of Andrey Iskanovs 'Philosophy of a Knife' (2008) both in pictures and scores.

There are extremely nice surveillance pictures showing the darker side of nature, where we initially see hyenos, birds and leopards eating a rotting elephant cadaver - The circle of life so to speak. Then we also meet the dark sides of human being, which may be a little more difficult to witness, but nothing new in its entirety - If you are familiar with Mondo movies before, it's nothing that shocks you any deeper.

As far as constructive criticism goes, it could've been a half hour shorter and just as potent but at an hour long it's something you can put on and zone out to. If I did drugs it probably would've been a lot of fun though. In the end, Befouled isn't going to change your life but it's worth checking out if you're interested in seeing what's inside of a dead lady or how far someone can shove a stick down a pigs throat.

That all being said really, video mixtapes are so important to the extreme side of film and anyone who's making them should continue to make them no matter how they're received critically because they effect everyone who views them differently. Sometimes video mixtapes transcend being grimy little compilations and become pieces of art. Befouled is closer to that end of the spectrum.

We would also like to continue pushing for Underground Gorellectors Film. It's really fun to see this generation of movies continues to be rejuvenated and noted. Their range is available only on limited DVDs and VHS editions, so if you're collector of gory material, then go visit them at:

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by: Z. Smith
Cinematography by: None
Editing by: Z. Smith
Special Effects by: None
Music by: Z. Smith
Language: None
Color: Black & White | Color

DistributorUnderground Gorellectors Films


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