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torsdag 22 februari 2018


Directed by: Thomas Binder, Jonas Sommer
Written by: Jonas Sommer
Stars: Günther Brandl, Miriam Fontaine, Nicole Lauer... read more

Country: Austria | Germany
Style: Drama | Short
Runtime: 29min

Thomas Binder is a well-known name if you are a faithful buyer of products from his underground distribution company Black Lava Entertaiment. This isn't his first production he has participates in. He has previously played in Olaf Ittenbach's films 'No Reason' and 'Legend of Hell'. He has also been the cenographer of Tom Heidenberg's 'Necrophile Passion', but Antithese is Thomas Binder and Jonas Sommer's short film debut.

Antithese is about misanthropic horror author Stephen (Günther Brandl), who travels to his cabin together with Mia (Miriam Fontaine), the only human being he lives for and love. She thinks that his current novel is too cliché, but what she does not know is that she is the protagonist of the book. Soon Stephen finds an antique book of satanic writings, of which he chooses to read one of the standing tabs in Latin. At night, Mia begins to get strange nightmares, where she gets sodomized by a sect leader in the form of a dear head, and she gets stuck and drenched in blood as in a ritual. It turns out that the scripture has had an impact on her and now something demonic controls her life. To save Mia, Stephen has to follow the demon's directive to complete his novel, will he succeed?

This is a very simple super-natural drama short film, and the main focus, I think, is on the camera work, its lighting and the mysterious mood. The plot isn't advanced, nor even original, but that's nothing bad. The contrast that pairs one's mind is the subtle and theatrical acting, coupled with the more sharp clarity of professional cenography, but I think the production in whole from an artistic perspective, is much better than the story itself together with the actors subtle performance, and that's what makes the movie good. It's lovely to watch.

I've got an idea that Thomas admires the artistic spirit, it already appears on many of the titles he chooses to distribute via Black Lava, not least his latest focus on James Quinn (Flesh of the Void) who's a really talented artist and director. But it also shows in Antithese, that the free and artistic aspects is a big deal, and that part is truly hard to let go. The original score composed by Michael Donner does also fits the story very well and sometimes one succeeds in becoming spellbound by the soundtrack and its cozy atmosphere.

It's hard to believe, but this is no splatter or gore movie, which is often standard when it comes to Mr. Binder. There is very little blood involved, and what matters is the psychological - we are talking about obsession, demons and bodily fluids. But no major cuts, limbs and bones.

I have not been able to capture any detailed background about the movie. Thomas gave it to me last year, but it will soon be officially released via Black Lava Entertainment and I wish it will be sold out as fast as anything else he releases, because Antithese shows that he has potential and should continue with more projects in the future.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by: Thomas Binder, Jonas Sommer
Cinematography by: Thomas Binder
Editing by: ?
Special Effects by: Jonas Sommer
Music by: Michael Donner
Language: German
Color: Color

DistributorBlack Lava Entertainment


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