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söndag 18 februari 2018


René Wiesner is a open-handed producer from Germany who has helped various indie productions throughout Europe since 2015, and two years ago René began his career as a director by his own and his first project came to be the short film Tension, and now he has more plans in progress...


Four of Renés Wiesners latest projects he helped to produce have been Jens Holzheuer & Oliver Tietgen's anthology 'ABCs of Superheroes', Ola Paulakoski's 'Hermit Monster Killer', Gustav Ljungdahls & Jesper Danielsson's Bergmanian horror 'Root of Darkness' and recently Magnus Blomdahls documentary 'Revisiting Melancholie der Engel'.

And now in 2018 René Wiesner will work with three movies, and one of them is the short mondo documentary Addio Uomo – The Last Road Of Man: There will be two versions which are attended as an experiment. Two different editors became the exact same raw material to make their own film out of it. One version will be edited by Magnus Blomdahl (Revisiting Melancholie der Engel) and the other one by René Wiesner himself. Both are in post-production right now, while one has an experimental point of view the other will be more like a classic mondo film. The film was shot in Thailand and is inspired by the films of Rolf Olsen (Shocking Asia). It will probably be ready for release later this year but there is no guarantee.

Director/Producer/Camera: René Wiesner
Poster Artist: Martin Trafford

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