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måndag 8 januari 2018


Artist: Knarkaren
Released: 2017-04-04
Style: Black Metal
Runtime: 24:03

I want to say that I got stuck in this debut. Track by track offers a lot of well-structured riffs and smart twists in different shapes. This is a mix between avantgardistic post- and atmospheric black metal, which I find unbelievably hard to let go.

Knarkaren is currently an unknown band, probably a one-man project by someone living in Västra Götaland, Sweden. The artist is linked to Cirsium Kollektivet, a small independent label that releases extremely limited editions on cassettes and CDs. I made a chose to order the respective titles available there via and Knarkaren, like the artist Gristårar, seem to have extreme connections since the soundscape is similar to each other (I can definitely be wrong, so please do not judge me) but it seems that it's the same person behind these projects.

Either way, Knarkaren was formed in 2016 and '...Put Uninspired Title Here...' is the band's first EP released April 4, 2017. With titles such as 'Garden of Magnetic Words', 'Throwing Up All These Sunny Sundays' and 'Gray Birds Breeding' a fragment of obscurity is secreted and the experimental touch quickly snaps life into the brain's febrile activity.

You can't put your finger on what's so surprisingly good with this music, but the form, as well as the performance, differs significantly from all other artists in the same genres. It's like taking an optional Neofolk artist, mixing it with others like Robert Smith, Jim Morrison, Rick Wakeman and Olav Berland. It will not be the same, definitely not, but possibly the closest equality one can come.

From having preconceived opinions of being a typical DSBM band, I'm sure to find that this experimental appearance has given me thoughts about the just opposite direction. Knarkarens debut EP is one of the best in its genres released in 2017. And I hope we meet yet another great release pretty soon, because I've soon broken this cassette through constantly listening.

I can not compare this to any previous artists at all, just listen and take it for what it is; A preparation that penetrates your sick minds into your third collapsing eye. Some of the alien nature of the songs will beat you beyond all puzzling thoughts.


Knarkaren - All instruments

Label: Cirsium Kollektivet
Country: Sweden



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