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onsdag 10 januari 2018


Artist: Grift
Released: 2017-08-05
Style: Neofolk
Runtime: 24:03

Erik Gärdefors (Insult, Orcivus, Arfsynd) is the man and artist behind Grift, and with this tour last year, he made "Vankelsteg - Mot Okända Hembygder" - a cassette-tape with these six songs which he performs with during the tour. Unfortunately, I couldn't participate in his second performance "Tredingsriten", whereupon this cassette was first sold, so I'm forever thankful Erik, that you took the liberty of sending it to me.

Vankelsteg is an exclusive collaborative release together with Nordvis. It's recorded primitively in the woods and just as Grift's lovely debut-album 'Syner' (2015) Erik has also tied up some songs from his EP 'Fyra Elegier' (2013) and his second full-lenght album 'Arvet' (2017) and recorded them all in acoustic tunes. There's also a song written just for this release, no less than 'Bortom Berget' which I've never heard of before.

As an early big fan of Ulver, Empyrium, Agalloch, October Falls and Wyrd, I feel a clear composition around its genres. It's not only the metallic and magnetic sound that speaks of its origins, but even when the last nylon-string tones together, a further curiosity arises about how the next title track has changed in comparison to its originality.

It's almost impossible to describe my feelings about Grift and his music in all. It's one of very few artists who managed to touch my inner and emotional feelings. I can count the total amount of my five fingers, of which Grift is between the point and the middle finger. And of the thousands of artists I have plowed through, there are many of them that affect my inner with both negative and positive charges - That's why I'm listening to music at all - but the stimulus around Grift and its genrer is phenomenal. It speaks a clear language to me.

It's about the thought that unites us with lonely villages, emotional conditions around a significant (but well-extinct) cultural heritage. The flight - like a Bergmanian philosophy - a gloomy melancholic sense of mind and the curiosity about death from its all denominations.

I hope Vankelsteg will be released digitally so that everyone gets the opportunity to listen to it.


Erik Gärdefors - Everything

Label:  Nordvis Produktion
Country: Sweden



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